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Eye Want Candy: Lawrence Wong

Handsome, talented and close to home, we welcome Lawrence Wong into our league of extremely fine Eye Want Candy gentlemen!

Who is this ‘Lawrence Wong’?

Born in Johor Baru, Malaysia but spending 23 years of his life in Singapore, Lawrence Wong (王冠逸) is certainly no stranger to limelight with his robust showbiz careers. With a repertoire of work that range from starring in TV show to modelling, Mr. Wong is pretty much an established actor, model and singer in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Naturally, great talent and good looks are not meant to be contained — this popular chap is now looking to build a name in Taiwan and China!

5 Reasons Why We Love Lawrence Wong.

5. He Sings!

Apart from his modelling, acting and hosting gigs, this handsome fellow also sings! The multi-talented man shares his crooning career began after he started singing theme songs for dramas he acted in. This then instinctively led to the recent release of a mini album, entitled ‘Shallow Love,’ in Singapore.

4. He Is Crazily Photogenic!

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the papers…

A studio photo shoot…

August Man Malaysia 2014

Or if it’s just a selfie he casually took…

Lawrence Wong is one crazily photogenic chap; and we’re not complaining  ! Shall we have another image of this looker to prove our point? Yes, why not!

3. He Makes A Great In-Law!

While we would prefer him as our own and not as an in-law, this point was simply meant to introduce Lawrence Wong’s latest TV show — ‘In Laws 2.’

‘In Laws’ is the story two bickering mother in-laws with different personalities and outlook in life. Lawrence Wong’s performance in this drama-comedy garnered him the “Best Male Lead Actor” award at the recent Asian Television Awards!

Due to the success and high-ratings for season one, the Malaysian TV show is back again for season two. The drama series airs on NTV7 every monday to Thursday at 9:30pm, starting from May 20th.

2. He Loves Animals!

In an interview, this Eye Want Candy shares that he has a profound love for animals; especially for cats! As mentioned by the man himself: “I am a huge animal lover. But I do particularly love cats because I feel that there are certain similarities between us. Like cats, I am more of the chill kind of person and I love to laze.”

It is perhaps this love of his that led him to care for an adorable Munchkin cat names Eskybaby. However we are sad to inform you that the adorable feline passed away last month at the age of seven.

Rest in peace darling Eskybaby, your daddy and fans miss you dearly. And to dear Lawrence Wong, we’re sorry for your loss and sincerely hope that another furry friend will put back the same smile Eskybaby gave you.

1. His Nice And Positive Energy!

One of the things we love best about this boyish-looking gentleman is that despite his established name in the industry, he’s still pretty much a down to earth and a genuinely great guy. The fact that he’d unintentionally slip in some words of wisdom here and there definitely is also a plus point.

Well said sir! He’s nice, charming, gifted and has incredibly good looks — what’s not to smile about this guy

What you’ll need to make your man look like Lawrence Wong.

Formal: Dark-coloured two-piece suit (casual fit), bow-tie (occasional), leather shoes and vest

Casual attire: Simple t-shirt (printed or plain), plain or checkered tops, low-waist fitted dark jeans, leather jacket

Accessories: Snapback hat, sunglasses, watch, love for animals and great personality.

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