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Fitness On The Go: Celebrity Fitness Joins Global Gym Passport Program

Good news falls upon all you Celebrators and gym bunnies – your membership experience has just expanded globally!

To further explain, Celebrity Fitness members now have access to a worldwide network of nearly tens of thousands of gyms around the world – provided you sign up for the IHRSA Passport program that is.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Associate (IHRSA) is essentially a global trade association that aims to provide convenience and connect gym goers around the world through their prestigious and global program.

Through this affiliation, Celebrity Fitness members in all its territories will be able to visit any participating gym simply by presenting an IHRSA passport, their Celebrity Fitness membership card and a small sum for these gyms’ preexisting daily entry/pay-as-you-go charges.

This effectively gives Celebrity Fitness members potential access to more than 9,000 gyms in over 60 countries, making it a useful travelling essential for those seeking to stick to their exercise and workout regime even while on the go. How awesome is that!

As for international travellers looking to try out Celebrity Fitness, you’d be glad to know the fitness club and its network of over 50 locations in four countries offer a wide array of equipment and activities such as Zumba, yoga, Pilates and Les Mills’ programs (e.g. Bodycombat, Bodybalance).

For more information on Celebrity Fitness and IHRSA, you can either call 1300–222–FIT (348), visit the Celebrity Fitness website or drop by any of the brand’s physical centres. Also kindly visit IHRSA’s site here.

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