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Cult Favourites: Eyeko Mascara & Eyeliners Coming to Malaysia

As the excitement builds for beauty addicts in Malaysia, we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know about this cult brand before it hits stores this summer

There is no doubt that fashion darling Alexa Chung played a huge role in making eye-makeup experts Eyeko the household name that it is today but let’s face it; the products speak for themselves. Known for the blackest of eyeliners that never budge and legendary mascaras, Eyeko quickly became a cult brand for beauty enthusiasts on the hunt for the best products.

The beauty of Eyeko is that it sticks to what it knows, instead of spreading too thinly and dabbling in a little of everything. Building on its strength for ‘making eyes’, we speak to the founders Nina and Max Leykind on their incredible journey which began in the 1999 , and that has now brought them to this part of the world!

VB: Tell us a little bit more about the partnership with the effervescent Alexa Chung?

NL: When we first met Alexa, she kept saying ‘This is what I use to get my cat eye!’, so we thought OK, let’s do more eyeliner. So when she became the face and ambassador for the brand, we came up with new products and made it blacker and more waterproof. The best part is that within 15 days, you’re going to get three times more length and volume!

VB: What do you think makes Eyeko’s products stand out from other mascaras and eyeliners out there?

NL: Everything! From the squeezy tube packaging, because you can squeeze it out until the last drop without having to pump the tube – which makes it much more hygenic. Then you have the guitar picks that come with the mascara which act like a little shield (to protect your lids eyes when you apply the mascara) so you don’t smudge up your lids!

We have thought of everything really, and we had to make it effortless and easy (for the consumers) – and the thing that we keep on hearing is, “Oh thank goodness for Eyeko, I’ll never look back because this really does deliver what it promises!”

VB: You’re known for being the eye experts, what’s one product in your range that really stands out?

NL: We’ve won so many awards for our brow gel – which looks wet because it’s serum-infused, so it’s going to help your brows grow. It’s also just one universal colour; you just use less if you’re a blonde and when it dries, it dries matte. When it goes on, it’s going on wet but when it dries, you don’t see anything!

VB: You’ve got Alexa as your ambassador and have become such a cult brand, what are some of your proud moments for the brand?

NL: We’re lucky that so many top makeup artists like Kay Montano, Lisa Eldridge, and Polly Osmond are really behind the brand. Even celebrities like Adele, who wore our mascara on her Someone Like You video – she’s often never seen without her falsies, but in that video her lashes are amazing and all that she’s using is our Skinny Brush Mascara.

VB: So what’s your advice on how to draw the perfect cat eyeliner?

NL: Alexa always like to do her flick first, and work in. I like to just draw some dots along the lash line and then draw out, but it really depends on what your preferred style is and what works for you!

VB: What’s next for Eyeko?

ML: We’re really committed to being in the mascara industry, so for us it’s just about continuously improving our mascara and the eyeliner – that’s our focus. We put all our resources and energy into these two products to sort of make it like your best friend – it’s all about the eyes for us, and becoming the authority when it comes to that.

The Eyeko range of products will be available in Sephora Malaysia starting from mid June 2014 onwards.  

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