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Wonderful Waffles To Save Your Day

Some days, all you need is a good waffle.

And while it’s easy to find them around town (you know, those RM3 waffles sold at kiosks), sometimes you just want something fancier to satiate those waffle cravings. Have no fear though fellow foodies, the team is here to save the day and fill your tummies!

Here are six places with some of the best waffles around town.

Inside Scoop at Bangsar 

Hidden amongst Telawi’s food splendor is an ice cream parlor that will make any hot day a lot better, but for today’s piece, let us focus on the other item on their menu – their waffles. Airy and beautifully crisp on the outside, Inside Scoop’s waffles go perfectly well with their decadent ice cream. And while some might find these waffles too light and airy to their liking, our theory is that you can just add in another scoop of ice cream or get one more plate of waffles!

Wafflemeister at KLCC

The waffles at Wafflemeister are rich, dense and wonderfully chewy; truly Belgian waffles at their best! You can have these tasty delights on their own or make your waffle experience even better by adding on some glorious toppings such as imported dark chocolate and fresh strawberries. For our full review of this hidden dessert gem, click here.

Nanny’s Pavillon at Gateway@KLIA2

Nanny’s Pavillon is a godsend for travellers and folks residing in Sepang; especially if you’re looking for quality waffles. Originating from Bandung, this quaint café offers a good variety of waffles that are chewy with just the right amount of flavor. Our review of the airport café here.

Standing Theory at SS2 

We don’t know about you, but just one look at Standing Theory’s waffles and we’re sold! Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, these waffles are served with Fatbaby cornflakes ice cream, bananas, and topped with crispy house-cured pork bacon – and yes, it tastes as lovely as it looks and sounds! Our only concern is that the waffles might be a bit too crispy to some.

The Library Coffee Bar at Avenue K, Nexus Bangsar South, Uptown

If you’re looking for the most flavorsome waffles sans toppings or syrups, then The Library Coffee Bar would be your best choice. Fragrant (you can smell them even from outside the shop!), tasty and of the softer variety, The Library has waffle dishes that range from savory (served with salmon, bacon) to sweet (served with ice cream). While we totally enjoy having waffles at this attractive coffee bar, we have to warn you that the waffles are tiny in size compared to the entire dish (as pictured above).

A&W at PJ State 

And when all else fails, or when you’re just lazy to go waffle hunting, just know that A&W has your back with their timeless waffles

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