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[Special] Eye Want Candy: 2014 Thomas Cup Heroes of Malaysia

We pay tribute to the guys that have won Malaysians’ hearts with their badminton skills. Here are the heroes of Thomas World Cup 2014!

On May 25, 2014, most of Malaysia pretty much had their eyes glued to the screen and were at the edge of their seats for one united reason – hoping that our national badminton players would bring back the Thomas Cup (and a public holiday).

Sadly, lady luck seemed to favour the Japanese more as Ueda smashed their way to Japan’s first win. But while we might have lost the cup, let it be known that these strong athletes will always be winners in the heart of Malaysians.

You’ve seen them play, were amazed by what they’ve got and feel ever so proud of what they represent. So now, why not get to know more about our national badminton players more.

Here are some fun facts about the 2014 Thomas Cup Heroes from Malaysia.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

A name that needs no introduction, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has certainly contributed a lot for Malaysia. But did you know you could keep up with Chong Wei’s news through leechongwei.com?

Well, now you know! He is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Daren Liew

Recently the talk of town, Daren Liew hails from Kuala Lumpur and is currently ranked as World No. 66 as of May 2014. Between training hard and making a move on the badminton courts, you can find this hero online at:

Go forth and satiate all your stalking cravings folks But while you’re at it, don’t forget to leave words of encouragement for this skillful athlete.

Chong Wei Feng

Born in Kedah and ironically having an almost similar name with another person in this list, Chong Wei Feng is actually a very random person. Specifically, his Instagram account is filled with some of the most random entries we’ve ever seen.

Nonetheless, his Instagram profile is set on private and we wish to respect his privacy — but we’re quite certain that we wouldn’t mind some extra followers. So do request and witness his randomness yourselves.

Oh, and the fact that he is pleasant to the eyes is a definite plus point too

Tan Wee Kiong — Goh V Shem

This is certainly one partnership to look out for in the badminton world.

Interestingly, the two are birthday buddies! While born in different years, V Shem celebrates his birthday on May 20, while Wee Kiong is the day after. Who knows, maybe this is a factor of their compatibility?

Tan Boon Heong — Hoon Thien How

This doubles pair was the one that put Malaysia into the Thomas Cup finals. In a match against Indonesia, Boon Heong managed to retrieve a lucky shot between his legs – yes, his legs. Talk about skills and relfexes!

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