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The Complete Guide For Malaysian Foodies

It is no secret that Malaysian is a food haven; you just need to know where and how to look for these yummy treasures!

Nonetheless, being hardcore foodies ourselves, we’ve come to realise that fulfilling cravings aren’t exactly an easy task — a classic case of too many awesome food options, too little time (and maybe money)! So what’s a hungry foodie to do if he or she does not know what to eat?

Fret not fellow food lovers, is here to help you out — allow us to present to you the ultimate guide to food guides (see what we did there)! From websites to Instagram accounts, we’ve curated a list of informative sources that would tantalise foodies in Malaysia.


If you do not know of EatDrinkKL, then you really need to reconsider labeling yourself as a foodie. Updated on a daily basis (which is what we love best!), this food blogger is your number one source for food adventures that range from cafes to high-end eateries. You’d be also glad to know that the renowned food blogger has released food guides in eBook formats. 

If you are one who prefers local street delights, then bookmark! From nasi lemak, Jawa mee, pasembur to even hot pots, this travel food blogger will definitely keep you in the know for hidden local treasures. Just be sure to don’t do work with his blog or Facebook page open of you would definitely be distracted – and yes, we’re talking from experience.


WARNING: Do not follow this instagram account unless you are ready to drool and feast on! Named as People Eat To Act (PETA) KL, this Instagram account is a foodie project by LEFTRIGHT that aims to introduce independent food stores around town.

While updates are not that often, they account is already filled with tons of eateries we bet most of you have yet to sample. So get your stomachs ready folks!


If there are no review, mention or news on a restaurant that caught your eyes, foursquare is the answer. More often than not, a fellow foodie would leave his views and comments on what he thinks of the place or food.

Time Out KL

For those that prefer to not rely on online resources, Time Out Kuala Lumpur might be the most useful magazine for foodies. Be they food trails, new restaurants or reviews, we’re sure that those looking for good food and entertainment won’t regret picking up an issue. Additionally, every issue carres a different theme, so readers can also be selective about what they want to read – but hey, don’t blame them if you miss out on exciting offerings because you skipped an issue!

Well, of course we had to be in here, right  Feel free to browse through and spread the word about our extensive array of food reviews and ‘where to makan’ guides! And while you’re at it, give our Instagram account (@venusbuzz) a follow for #foodporn galore.

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