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Pretty Ciate Manicure Kits For Cool Nails Party

Three lovely kits to try for pretty manicures!

Now if you enjoy experimenting with your nails, then you’d be pretty psyched to get your hands on Ciate manicure kits.

There’s something wonderfully satisfying to see our talons decorate in beautiful hues and patterns and you can’t go wrong with the brilliant offering from Ciate.

These here are three Ciate box kits that will make your home manicure session fun!

Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2  (approx. RM108)

Transform four basic hues to give off a cool posh statement with the ‘caviar’ texture. The latter gives nails a kind of addictive touch that feels polished for events.

However, applying it may not be so fun, in fact messy so leave it for special occasions.

Ciate Beach House Collection  (RM82)

Just as the name suggests, this manicure box is about a fun day out in the sun. The especially lively colours will look perfect with your sun-kissed glow.

A word of advice for the Beach House Collection though – do note that you may require more than one application to get the desired tone.

Ciate Flower Manicure (approx. RM97)

Girly girl or not, you may be intrigued with the ‘flowery’ effect that this kit provides. The highlight is the blooming feature that gives nails a sort of 3D look.

Seal it off with a top coat and do a little flower dance with your manicure.

The Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2, Ciate Beach House Collection and Ciate Flower Manicure kits are all available from Sephora stores in Malaysia nationwide. 

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