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10 Makeup and Skin Care For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

Banners are up everywhere, energetic songs are being played on the airwaves and bets are already being placed. Ladies and gents, the 2014 FIFA World Cup fever is in full blast!

High in spirits with all the great football energy and vibe, we’ve prepared a special piece to help get you beauty junkies hyped — a curated list of World Cup worthy makeup and skincare products!

Whether it’s to give your look a colourful Brazilian touch, or to make you appear less like you spent the whole night watching the matches (don’t worry, we’ll be one of you too!), here are 10 makeup and skincare products for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

1. Urban Decay’s Electric Pressed Pigment Palette (RM 170)

If you’re inspired by the bright colours and culture of Brazil, this is for you. Coming with 10 colourful velvety shades, the Electric collection is perfect for those who want a pop of colour (or more) on their face. Shades include:

  • Revolt (metallic silver shimmer),
  • Gonzo (bright turqoise matte),
  • Slowburn (bright red-orange mattee),
  • Savage (bright hot pink matte),
  • Fringe (bright metallic teal),
  • Chaos (bright blue matte),
  • Jilted (bright metallic fuchsia),
  • Urban (bright metallic purple),
  • Freak (bright green)
  • Thrash (bright limegreen matte)

Plus, what we like best is the fact that the eyeshadow pigments in this palette are being pressed to obtain a better pigmentation hence a high colour payout.

2. Sephora’s Body Moisturising Sorbet – Sorbet Corps Hydratant

In line with the FIFA World Cup 2014, Sephora has released a 2014 Summer Limited Edition – Diva Carioca. Part of the collection, Agua De Rio is filled up in a generous amount (250ml) and aims to act like an ancient beauty secret as you ole ole ole the football season away. This sorbet-like lotion hydrates your skin effectively with its’ creamy yet refreshing texture. The sorbet easily dissolves into your skin while leaving an aromatic sense.

3. Sephora’s Tropical Paradise Mascara


One other product to look out for from Sephora’s special range is this interesting double-ended masacara that contains two shockingly bold cocktail-inspired shades, green and yellow. Make your eyes stand out amongst the crowd  and instantly look like the Queen of Rio with this mascara!

4. Sephora’s Colourful Eyeliner Waterproof 24HR

If you’re not keen with the idea of bright and colorful eyelashes, here’s another option that’s less loud but would still do the trick of enhancing your eyes. Named the Waterproof Saga collection, this range of waterproof liquid liners carry up to 16 different colours, from black to pink to white.

5. Sephora’s Velvet Eyeshadow Waterproof 16HR

Also from the Waterproof Saga collection, Sephora releases a range of velvet eyeshadows (5g) that comes in 12 different colours. There are nude colours, brown and also some bright ones too! You could try using neutral, warm colours to compliment your colourful eyeliners or mascaras, or vice versa, to balance your makeup and result in an outstanding eye look.

6. Nails Inc’s Gel Effect Polish

Not forgetting about our nails, Butter London’s range of Gel Effect Polish provides a plumping effect just like a gel manicure in a nail parlor. This highly pigmented nail polish (0.27oz) comes in many perfect shades that suits almost every occasion. From pale pink to deep violet, you’re bound to find that perfect shade to compliment your look.

7. Butter London’s Cotton Buds Nail Lacquer

Or if you want to keep your nails on a neutral tone, might we suggest Butter London’s basic. A basic bright white, this nail lacquer is great for nail art or as an undercoat for bright colors and neons.And if you’re skilled enough, you can even turn them into soccer balls!

8. Marc Jacobs’ Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

Gel crayon is an innovative waterproof pencil eyeliner, which is exactly what you need to intensitfy your look for this festive football season! This highliner has very rich pigments and provides a smooth application that your eyes will thank you for later on. You could last an entire day with this incredible technology. Available in black and other unique shades.

9. Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen Stick

What’s fun in the sun without proper skin care, right? Suitable for all skin types, this sunscreen (15ml) provides great protection and easy application. It is non-greasy, fragrance-free and it could be absorbed almost instataneously into one’s skin. This magical sunscreen also contains various vitamins to help defend against free-radical damage and enironmental aggressors. Apply this baby to your face and neck before makeup or any sun exposure.

Alright, so you’re done with looking fantastic with your creatively colourful makeup, it is time to pamper your tired face with this next item:

10. Soap and Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator

Sleeping masks are a godsend — especially during busy times! To be applied as face cream, it contains various ingredients proven to increase face elasticity, and has detoxifying and moisturising elements. This product (45ml) is a guarantee to pamper your face overnight as you rot for your favourite team, and leave you looking fresh and hydrated the next day.


These products are available in Sephora stores nationwide. 

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