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Would You Wear A ‘Toilet Paper’ Wedding Dress?

It sure is a one-of-a-kind design!

Olivia Mears is an artist and a costume designer. A very good one at that!

Her beautiful creations can be found on Avant-Geek and one particular piece that has caught our attention is her toilet paper wedding dress.

The beautiful gown is made entirely out of 11 rolls of toilet paper with over 100 feet of tape and a lot of glue. It features intricate gold detailing on the front, ruffles on the skirt and sexy lace-up bodice.

Mears explained that “strands were rolled first so they did not break during braiding, then glued at the ends or connected to another part of the dress.”

The painstaking process also saw the roses glued on the backside to keep them from unfurling.

The end look is really pretty, don’t you think?

This is not the first time the talented Mears has blown her fans’ mind with her stunning design. In the past, she has created other realistic cosplay costumes, dresses made of recycled items, outfit based on popular characters and more.

You can see more of her designs here.

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