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[Special] Eye Want Candy: 7 Spornosexual Hotties We Love!

Goodbye metrosexual, hello spornosexual!

Two decades ago, the world was introduced to ‘metrosexual’ men – young and urban males with a refined sense of taste and is not shy of vanity. Today, these fine young men appear to have left their teens, and matured into what they now call ‘spornosexual.’

This new term embodies the modern day man who’s often at the gym pumping iron and working on his wellbeing. He does not mind spending his time and money on his physical upkeep. He finds his physique to be his best asset – and is definitely not afraid from showing off his wonderful results.

In simple terms, he is the Mr. Hot we all wouldn’t mind kneeling for! (And yes, we are obviously still not over Eye Want Candy Tom Hiddleston.)

For you to have a better understanding of this newfound term, here are some visually tantalising examples of spornosexual guys.

Eye Want Candy David Beckham


Dan Osborne


Zac Efron


Thom Evans


Eye Want Candy Channing Tatum


Eye Want Candy Adam Levine 


Eye Want Candy David Gandy 


Information Source: The Telegraph, Daily News

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