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How To Keep Your Home Safe from Break-ins

Don’t be a victim of house break-ins!

A home is the one place where you’re supposed to be able to unwind and recuperate from the day’s stressful activities — which is why a home isn’t really a home if you don’t feel safe in it. Additionally, it becomes even more worrying if you have dependents to look after such as aging parents, children or even your pets!

Here are some quick general tips on how to keep your home safe:

1. Install an Alarm System

While this may cost you quite a bit initially, the peace of mind that comes with it is completely worth the price especially when you’re left on your own.

2. Avoid Routine

Robbers and thieves usually target a specific house and know the movements of everyone along with their daily routines so they know the best time to break in.

Try to avoid going out at the same time each day, and always ensure the house looks like people are constantly around. If you’re travelling, get someone to switch the lights on at night, cancel your newspaper subscription and leave a car in the house if possible to look like someone is around.

3. Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

There’s nothing more inviting than knowing what treasures await you inside, so keep expensive items away from the windows and draw your curtains at night. The last thing you want is seeing someone watching what you do in the privacy of your own home.

4. Be Careful of What You Share Online

While you’re busy posting images from your month-long trip around Europe on your public Facebook profile or Instagram, those who are aware that you live alone can use this as the perfect opportunity to break into your home. Try not to tag your location as ‘My crib’ when you’re at home to avoid this.

5. Lock Your Doors and Window

This may seem like common sense, but many people still leave their backdoors and windows on upper floors unlocked for small periods of time during broad daylight thinking it’s safe, but you never know when opportunists may strike.

6. Insurance for Your Home

If all these measures still leave you feeling unsafe, it’s worth looking at insuring your home, especially if your house is located in a neighbourhood that is prone to break-ins.


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