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How Much Sugar Are You Drinking at the Mamak Stall?

You know, us Malaysians like things sweet. Whether it be our ice kacang, our kuih lapis, or even our sambal, the sweeter the better. It is no surprise then, that we were recently rated the 8th largest consumers of sugars in the world. Yes, you read it right, the world!

The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 50g sugar intake per day. That translates to about 12 teaspoons. Sounds like a lot, yes? Not when you include all the hidden sugar in everything from your ayam masak merah to your Ipoh hor fun.

There are even recent reports stating that the WHO is planning to lower that recommendation by half – which means you should consume only 6 teaspoons per day. That’s pretty easy for Malaysians to exceed in a jiffy.

Let’s take a look at drinks at our favourite hangout – the mamak stall. How many teaspoons of sugar are in ONE drink at the mamak stall?

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