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6 Interesting Things You Forgot Your Android Device Could Do

Looking for tips and tricks to optimise your Android smartphone experience? We’ve got you covered!

If you are one who likes to tinker with your gadgets, then Android is possibly the best operating system for your smartphone or tablet. However, given the fact that Google updates the software quite frequently, it is sometimes inevitable that we miss out (or forget) some of the really cool features the green bug-eyed Android is capable of.

That in mind, why not take a memory refresh. Below are 6 interesting things you might’ve forgotten that your Android smartphone could do.

1. Smile To Unlock.

Instead keying in your password, you can just smile at your device and let Android’s Face Unlock do it’s thing. To set it up, head on to Security under the settings tab.

2. Enhanced Automation.

Third-party Android apps like Tasker and Automagic can bring automation to the next level. For instance, you could set them to turn off your ringer when you walk into the office. Talk about convenience eh!

3. Easy File Transfers With Android Beam.

You can exchange contact info, as well as share photos or even apps wirelessly with Android Beam. All you need to do is to just place two Android phones together and they can automatically beam out. Note: You’ll need a recent Android phone with NFC — Near Field Communication — built in to use this function. Most of the newer devices, such HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy series, should have it.

4. Additional Swype Keyboard.

One of the fun things about Android is the multiple choices you can get for the keyboard. You can download several third-party keyboard apps (Swype, Swiftkey) to use gesture typing and better text prediction, or the Google Keyboard app from the Google Play store.

5. Monitor Data Usage Without Third Party Apps

Did you  know that Android lets you manage network data usage without the need of downloading third party apps? In the Settings menu, tap “Data usage” to reveal charts that show your total data usage and whether you’re getting close to the limit.

6. One Tap To Call

It is no secret that other softwares have easier methods to call out from; but the good news is that you can add your favourite contact to your Android homescreen and just tap to call.

To do so, simply press and hold an empty space on your screen to make the menu pop out, select Shortcuts > Contacts and voila — you can then scroll through your list of contacts and tap the person you want to add to your homescreen.

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