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5 Tips To Detecting Hidden Spy Cameras

With spy cameras getting cheaper and easily attainable, how can you protect yourself against unwarranted filming?

In case you have not heard, an unfortunate incident took place yesterday — a spy camera was discovered within the walls of a famous holiday resort in Melaka, Malaysia. In addition to that, it has also come to realisation that spy cameras are actually quite affordable and easily attainable.

Nonetheless, though these incidences and concerns are obviously disturbing, it can’t be denied that they are not unheard of. That said, the question is – what can you do to protect yourself from this?

While there is no way of preventing people to plant spy cameras, you can however detect and cover them up or notify the authorities. Here are 5 tips you can practice to possibly detect the presence of a hidden spy camera.

1. Use Your Phone

Some phones would make clicking and buzzing noises near a product that emits electromagnetic waves. So if you realise that your phone belongs to that category, try making a call and wave the device around a suspected item.

2. Look For Tiny Red Or Green Lights

Some devices have ‘power on’ indicator lights, and if the person who planted the spy cam is careless to not conceal or deactivate this feature, then it would be a great giveaway. For better detection chances, switch off the room lights as you scout for the little red of green LED indicator lights.

3. Pay Extra Attention To Certain Areas

Whether it’s in a hotel suite or a changing room, spy cameras are logically placed at areas that would offer the best field of vision (to record what you are doing). This generally means higher spaces or in open areas without obstructions. Other common items to have video cameras hidden in them include books, smoke detectors, potted plants, tissue boxes, stuffed toys and electrical outlets.

4. Look For Tiny Holes And Black Dots

You should look for holes in walls and furniture that would allow a spy camera to be concealed in. Search for holes by sight or by touch, and be wary of anything that appears to look slightly odd (e.g. a black spot on a bright wallpaper).

5. Get A Spy Camera Detecter

This is the most surefire way to find out if you’re really being watched. Spy camera detectors are great for locating devices that don’t emit electromagnet waves, are well-hidden or take on the outlook of everyday items. The only concern is that they can’t be easily bought, but places like Lelong.my do carry them.

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