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5 Things To Know About The ‘Art of Old Town’ By Ernest Zacharevic X OLDTOWN White Coffee

Some of you might’ve already seen them, others might have caught wind of the project, or perhaps you are one those going ‘What, he’s back?’ Regardless of which category you belong to, the fact is this — Ernest Zacharevic returns to leave his artful mark!

Armed with ink, great talent and a way with walls, renowned artist from Lithuania, Ernest Zacharevic was in Malaysia for a special collaborative project with OldTown White Coffee.

Set to put smiles on our faces and to place our beautiful nation into the international map, the ‘Art Of Old Town’ is a collection of wall murals done by Zacharevic that’s situated around the quaint Old Town vicinity in Ipoh.

To give you a better understanding of what this cool project is about, here are five things you should know about the ‘Art of Old Town’ by Ernest Zacharevic X OldTown White Coffee.

Why Ernest Zacharevic?

Initiated by OldTown White coffee, the established coffee brand shared that Zacharevic was an obvious choice for the ‘Art of Old Town.’

“Ernest is a very famous artist in Malaysia. His art beautifully spells out the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the towns he visit; which is exactly what we aim to portray with the project. We are glad to have been able to collaborate with this brilliant artist as he has captured the spirit of the coffee culture here in Ipoh with his stunning wall murals.”

Inspired By Ipoh, To Inspire Ipoh

While Zacharevic being a coffee lover is undoubtedly a contributing factor to this project, the main muses for the ‘Art of Old Town’ is none other than Ipoh and those who reside there.

Having heard stories about the culture and heritage of Ipoh since the early days of his travels, Zacharevic shares that the project is a dream come true for him.

The people of Ipoh are very enthusiastic about their hometown, culture and heritage. I always get inspiration from where I work, paint and through the people I meet — and I hope that I have been able to capture the celebration of the coffee culture and heritage of this great place and its people.


As much as I get inspired by Ipoh, I hope that others can get inspired too by the ‘Art of Old Town.’

It Took Zacharevic 1.5 Months  

Captivating in quality and quantity, it is pretty impressive that Zacharevic had completed this in merely one and a half months!

Lucky Number Seven

Each unique and stunning in their own way, there are altogether seven art murals for the ‘Art of Old Town.’

1. Old Uncle with White Coffee: Situated right round the corner of the OldTown White Coffee Ipoh Padang outlet, the uncle enjoying his cup of white coffee is bound to bring back good old memories of how drinking coffee is a part of life in Old Town, Ipoh.

2. Hummingbird: A good combination of art with its natural surrounding, the vibrantly coloured hummingbird is depicted to be coming home to the natural grown tree — representing how Ipoh is a well preserved land with abundance of nature all around.

3. Paper Plane: Zacharevic paints a paper plane soaring up to the sky to showcase how everyone has memories of enjoying themselves with simple but meaningful games while growing up.

4. Girl With Stool And Bird Cage: There is always something exciting about reaching for something that is just a little out of reach, don’t you agree?

5. Kopi-O: Look at the old school ‘kopi-o’ getting less and less in the packet in this wonderful and larger than life mural!

6. Trishaw: With an actual trishaw that has been cut into half and mounted onto the wall, the hardworking uncle brings out the appreciation of how life has changed for the better in Old Town, Ipoh from hardship to a calm and enjoyable livelihood.

7. Old Town: Beginning as a humble tin mining town, Ipoh has evolved to what it is today — yet still able to retain the heritage and culture essence of what makes the town so special until today.

Follow The Map In 30 Minutes.

These seven wall murals are located around Old Town, Ipoh at Jalan Panglima Carpark, Market Street, Jalan Bijeh Timah, Concubine Lane 3, as well as along Jalan Tun Sambanthan and Jalan Padang.

The best way for you to enjoy the ‘Art of Old Town’ is to go on a walking tour along said locations. As for those who are wary of the walking distance, rest assured — it’ll only take you approximately 30 minutes to cover the entire project! In addition to that, OldTown White Coffee has even provided an official map (located at their Ipoh Padang outlet) to make things much easier for you.

For more details on the project and to keep up to date with OldTown White Coffee, give their Facebook page a like. You can also follow Ernest Zacharevic via his Facebook page and Instagram

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