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Is This The Most ‘Perfect’ Male Celebrity?

‘Perfect male celebrity’ or ‘How do I unsee this!?’  — you be the judge. 

In conjunction with E!’s new television series that focuses on plastic surgery, Botched, the popular entertainment channel wanted to find out which male celebrity was considered as perfect.

To do so, an online poll was conducted where readers/viewers could select from a list of celebrities and their body parts in order to create this “perfect male celeb.”

After hours of going through poll results, sourcing perfectly chiselled images and some photoshop magic, take a look at the guy who has the best of the best:


According to what the masses think, the ‘perfect’ male celebrity has Bradley Cooper’s hair, Ian Somerhalder’s eyes, Usher’s smile, Ryan Gosling’s chest, Chris Hemsworth’s arms, Ryan Reynolds’s abs and Gerard Butler’s legs.

While we agree with most of those hot descriptions, we can’t say we agree with the overall end result… But what do you think?

via E! Online

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