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Hot Weather Causing Dengue Cases To Spike Again In Malaysia

Citizens of Malaysia, it is sad to report that dengue cases are on the rise again.

The weather in Malaysia has been extremely hot lately, and while that means sweat, heat rash and frustration for most of us, it also proves to be the ideal time for Aedes mosquitos to become more aggressive and active.

As explained by Prof. Dr Sazaly Abu Bakar of Universiti Malaya, the hot and dry weather causes Aedes mosquitos to breed and grow faster, as well as bite more often. And then there is the fact that people would generally leave their doors and windows open, thus allowing mosquitos easy access to homes.

All these factors therefore lead to a spike in dengue cases in Malaysia.

More alarmingly, the overwhelming increase of dengue cases, has lead to another pressing matter — checks by the Malay Mail show that most private hospitals in the Klang Valley are now full with people seeking treatment, putting a strain on medical facilities.

To give you an idea of the ongoing scenario, a doctor in Klang shares that hospitals receive an average of five to six patients a day, mainly from Klang. That, dear readers, is a lot!

To protect yourselves against deadly Aedes mosquitos and Dengue fever, be sure to take necessary precautions and be wary of the signs and symptoms. 

Source: Malay Mail Online, The Star

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