[Exclusive] 5 Minutes With MTV’s Plain Jane Host, Louise Roe

She’s no plain Jane, in fact Louise Roe is one beautiful and talented woman. Get to know the English beauty better here. 

Born in the UK but based in LA, Louise Roe wears many hats as a model, fashion journalist and television presenter. She is most notable for hosting shows such as VogueTV, Access Hollywood’s Golden Globes and Oscars coverage, E!’s Fashion Police, MTV Europe Music Awards and MTV’s Plain Jane.

Along with her on-screen persona, Louise Roe is also active in the online world where she runs her own website delving into fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Interior design is also one of her notable specialities.

In conjunction with the latest season of MTV’s Plain Jane premiering tonight at 9.30pm, we sit down for a quick chat with the show’s resident fashion and style guru.

After three seasons of MTV’s Plain Jane, what have you noticed most about us girls? 

I have learned that we, women all have the same fears, insecurities, dreams and hopes. It’s very universal no matter what country you live in, no matter what religion, culture or anything. I sort of love the fact and I find it quite bonding solidarity-wise that we, women are very similar. And the sad thing is we don’t believe in ourselves enough and I find it a lot of the times that we don’t think we are beautiful, we don’t think we deserve that guy, we don’t think we can get that job…well, I’m here to say that ‘Yes! Yes, you can!’

What can we do more to embrace ourselves?

It’s not about going on a crash diet, or getting surgery, it’s about embracing what you have now and who you are now. There’s some great examples on the show like for example, Sobi from Season 2 of MTV’s Plain Jane who was an astrophysicist. She thought that was so embarrassing and nerdy that she would never tell anyone when she met them. But it’s like “Actually, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!” and you should be shouting about it. So it’s about helping women switch the perspectives they have on their own lives and who they are. Sometimes you find out that they’ve been bullied, or have an ex-boyfriend or very strict parents who made them think that they’re not as cool as they really are and I kind of want to switch that around and make them celebrate things.

Thank you, that was well-said! Can you share with us some of the secrets to beating insecurities then? 

It’s definitely a process, of course it just doesn’t happen overnight. But one of the things we do on the show is to (get the girls to) break out of the comfort zone, so I do say ‘what’s your biggest fear?’ and if it’s height or shark, I will kind of put them in that situation where they just have to face it. And 9 times out of 10, well actually no… 10 times out of 10, they do something whether its wing-walking on a plane, or jet skiing, or anything that terrifies them and they do it, they conquer it, and that help strip your outlook on life. So facing fears, conquering it and you’ll get this huge buzz of confidence and adrenaline.

Second of all is definitely the fashion. I give a lot of tips that are all going to be online on the regional MTV websites and those are to help women, really figure out how to dress their body and what to shop for. Then, there’s the dating advice…we do have our experts who come in help the girls figure out how to chat to guys and also have the courage themselves. And really the advice is not just with regards to men, you can take that advice whether you’re walking into a job interview or just having a laugh with your girls, it’s about how you carry yourself – your body language, your eye contact, that kind of thing.

Great tips! On the same topic, would you have anything to add with regards to winning habits to have? 

Yes! Specifically, slowing down your speech! That is just a simple thing but it makes you sound more confident, it gives you more time to think. When we’re nervous, we tend to rush and stutter and stumble. Also, eye contact – holding it for longer; smiling – you know when we get nervous, sometimes we do all these funny faces that look like we’re almost being rude, so remember the simple act of smiling. Wearing bright colour is far more expressive and you’ll get noticed, you know first impressions matter. I’m always going on about wearing high heels, they just give your outfit a more powerful elegant feel. And, you do need to make an effort with hair and makeup! It really does make a difference.

So, how would you describe your style and what do you feel most confident it?

I love the 1970s so it’s a little bit boho inspired. Women like Lauren Hutton and Ali McGraw who just have this simple elegance about them so I love looking at pictures of them! And, print! I really really love wearing prints!

What do you think is the one piece of fashion item – be it apparel or accessories – that would never go wrong?

I always say a red dress! You know, women tend to own a little black dress but the little red dress to me is so much more passionate and outgoing. And you really can’t hide in a red dress! Statistically, you are the most likely to be flirted with when you wear red. *Giggles* So just go for it and do it. Also accessorise, I think that makes or breaks an outfit. I can wear jeans and t-shirt but if I got a fab pair of shoes on and a great Panama hat, suddenly the outfit comes alive! So, don’t forget to accessorise!

MTV’s Plain Jane is a reality series that takes 12 young women on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Watch as Louise Roe brings the Janes out of their shell and lift their confidence from Las Vegas to Lanzarote and from Malibu to Malta. MTV Plain Jane premieres tonight July 7th at 9.30pm on astro 713. 

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