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Shapewear – What Women Need To Know

Investing in a shapewear requires a bit of knowledge and insider tips. We speak to a specialist from Neubodi to find out what women should know about control garments. 

When it comes to women’s intimate wear, there’s no better professional to talk to than Neubodi. Following our previous experience of getting fitted with Neubodi, we now embark on another subject that is close to women’s heart – shapewear.

Many ladies would agree that shapewear is a great item to own to create a slimming silhouette. But perhaps, what bothers us is the inner workings of these bodyshapers – Is it effective? Does it help? Should we or shouldn’t we invest in one? Well, to help answer your questions, we speak to Joyce Ooi, marketing and communications executive of Neubodi.

VB: Hi Joyce! Can you share with us what are the key things or features women should look out for when buying shapewear?

There are three things:

1) A body shaper that is suited best to your body shape.

Every woman is unique, and might require a different form of support. For example, one woman might fit better into a high waist girdle, while another woman might find the high waist girdle to be too loose at the top. So you really should always listen to your body.

If you feel uncomfortable, find out why. Very often it’s just the lack of knowledge in the undergarment department – so always consult a fit expert!

2) Know your size. One should never compromise fit for the number on the tag. 

When it comes to shapewear and its sizes, it’s all about holding and supporting the curves in the right places. The most important thing is to find what suits you best, it should feel as comfortable like a second skin, yet still works to provide you with the supportive hugging feeling.

Try it on! Get a feel on the different levels of shaping and compression – light, medium and high to suit your needs and sensitivity.

3) Know your goal. It is good to realise what do you seek in a bodyshaper. 

It is important to note that shapewears are not miracle garments. They do not have the ability to slim you down overnight. It is advised never to go for an extreme just to get the kind of shape you are looking for. Having said that, women should however, know ultimately what do they aim to achieve with a shapewear in the long run – eliminate bulges, butt lifting, waist trimming, tummy control, body contouring, etc.

Different shapewears are designed to have different functions and cuttings that are meant to target different body areas. It is ultimately important to know your “problem area” or just areas you would like to improve on, and finally consult a fit expert to assist you in getting a shapewear that best solves the problem in the long run.

VB: Great! Now, what are the benefits of wearing shapewear?

It can be pinpointed down to these:

Create a smooth and attractive, streamlined silhouette – shapewear can effectively contour your body, and smooth all the unsightly bulges.

Boost your confidence and help you love your body – with the right-sized shaper, it will improve your posture and help you combat targeted problem areas. This allows you to look wonderful whenever, wherever, so effectively boosting self-confidence.

Health benefits – a lot of shapers uses materials and fabrics that are beneficial to women. For example, the White Bamboo Charcoal fabric used in Neubodi Suit Up Contour collection is designed specially for Malaysian women. It is a functional textile with an antibacterial and deodorising ability, suited for the humid Malaysian weather.

Affordable and a long-lasting investment – for a small investment, you can get a long run benefit. These garments are a healthy, natural way of getting back in shape, when effectively combined with the right diet and exercise.

Getting rid of VBL/VPL – Visible Bra/Panty Line are not the most flattering sights, especially with tight fitting outfits. Wearing the right shapewear can effectively smooth you inside out, getting rid of any unnecessary VBL/VPL effect.

VB: Is shapewear suitable for every body type?

As mentioned, every body is unique. There is no such thing as a “one size fit all” or a “one type fit all” shapewear. For example, a woman who is pear shape might be suited to wear a mid-waist girdle, but would find difficulties in fitting into a high-waisted girdle. You also need to take into consideration the different levels of shaping and compression – light, medium, high – to suit the differing needs and sensitivity of women.

VB: Can shapewear be worn anytime, everyday? Is it ok to wear during period? 

Our advice to women is that while it is recommended to wear shapewear daily, we always say to never wear a shapewear for more than 8 hours at a time as your body needs to relax and breathe.

Theoretically, there is absolutely no harm in wearing a right fitting shapewear during your menstrual cycle. This is entirely up to the personal preferences of the women themselves. It is however, not recommended to wear the “high control” shapewear during your menstrual cycle, as this is a time that your body should relax and breathe to minimise any discomforts occurring from your menstrual cycle. 

VB: Can shapewear be a way to permanently change a person’s body shape? Or is it just for a quick fix?

Shapewears are not miracle garments. They can’t “fix” problems overnight. One should not purchase a shapewear for the sole purpose of making you “look” smaller instantly just because you’re trying to squeeze into something that does not fit you.

On the contrary, wearing a right-sized shapewear will indeed provide you with a full body sculpting effect in the long run. This is because fats in our body are liquid and mobile. They have the ability to move and be molded into the desired shape – with of course, the continuous support and shape and enhancement of a shapewear.

VB: Right, one last question – do we need to adhere to any special care for shapewear?

Similar to your bras, your shapewear too, are intimate garments that requires special care instructions. With this, it is advised to:

  • Never wear the same shapewear two days in a row. This is to prevent the elasticity of the shapewear from being overstretched.
  • Always handwash your shapewear. A spin in the washing machine can be dangerous and damaging. It is recommended to handwash by using mild lingerie detergent in luke warm water. This helps to refresh the fabric and retain its elasticity.
  • Always air-dry your shapewear. Heat is the worst enemy. Never put your shapewear in the dryer or even dry them under direct sunlight. This is to prevent the colours from fading and the elasticity compound to breakdown, resulting in an uncomfortable fit.

Neubodi has eight retail outlets nationwide: Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Empire Shopping Gallery, Bangsar Village II, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre and Suria Sabah Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can even shop online now here.

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