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Why Your Food Is Making You Tired

Instead of feeling energised, do you feel lethargic after eating? These are three possible causes and it’s all down to your food choices. 

Simple carbohydrates

Starches that you find in pasta, rice, bread, potato chips, flour tortillas as well food high in sugar like cookies, candy and cakes tend to trigger your body to burn carbon dioxide quickly to help with digestion. When this happens, it makes you feel weak and tired.

Your body would need to work harder at digesting these food by breathing harder or more often, hence you are going to feel less energised after eating starchy or simple carbs foods.

It is better to consume complex carbohydrates for the many health benefits such as the high fibre, vitamins and minerals content. If you’re going to choose starchy foods, always go for the whole grain, whole wheat or whole oat option.

Food high in sodium

Food that contained large amount of salt or are heavily processed affect the body by increasing water retention, thus giving you a heavy, fatigued feeling. Sodium is an electrolyte in your body which tends to attract water.

When you have too much sodium in the body, it causes water to be obtained from places it should not such as your blood stream (leading to high blood pressure) and the interstitial tissues of your lungs.

Inevitably, this will lead to difficulty in breathing and that tired, weak feeling due to excess water weight. So it will do you good to stay away from salty food and avoid grabbing that shaker for extra flavouring during your meal.

Carbonated products

One of the biggest culprits of air in the tummy are carbonated beverages and chewing gum. This bloatedness can give you a worn-out feeling. Also, having a very full stomach can actually put pressure on your diaphragm, the main muscle which helps your lungs to breathe efficiently.

When you have a large meal, you’ll need more oxygen to digest your food. If you choose to have carbonated drinks or chew gum in the process, it causes you to swallow air and your stomach will further push on your diaphragm. All these combination can make you crash faster.

To feel energised, you should eat smaller meals to avoid a stuffed tummy and follow a diet of lean protein such as chicken breast, healthy fats like nuts and complex carbs like non-starchy vegetables.

via Fitday, Livestrong

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