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A&W 24-hour Drive-In: End Of An Era

The A&W franchise has long been a fond memory for many of us.

The infamous root beer float, coney hot dog, onion rings and waffles are just some of the iconic favoured long-standing items on the A&W menu. The comfort fodder for many Malaysians, especially after a late night out on the town.

Sadly, the company reported today that A&W will be closing 34 outlets in total, 24 in Malaysia & 10 in Thailand.

The company will be concentrating on repositioning the business in the market and will namely be closing outlets that are not making enough revenue.

KUB Malaysia Bhd, the company which holds the A&W franchise in Malaysia and Thailand plans to transform the iconic A&W 24-hour Drive-in venue into two office towers, according to Datuk Wan Mohd Wan Ahmad.

As stated in , the beloved A&W outlet will be closed by year end and relocated to one of the office buildings.

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