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Expedia’s Flip Flop Report : Beachgoers Behaviour Around The World

Expedia is one of the world’s largest full service online travel agency. They did a recent online survey, called the Flip Flop Report shows an interesting analysis of the behaviour and preferences of beachgoers around the world.

The Flip Flop Report finds that Asians are the world’s most inclined to share their holiday shots on social media and that social media also plays an important role on deciding on their next beach holiday destination.

This report also threw up some interesting findings about Malaysian beach vacationers:

  • Malaysians LOVE food. Many indulge in eating more than they normally would on their beach vacation.
  • 85% of Malaysians consider speedos acceptable beach attire for all age groups.
  • On a beach holiday, Malaysians also are most excited about spending time with their partner/spouse, their children and surprise, surprise, one of the highlights of these trips are also sampling local cuisine.
  • Malaysians were found to also be “very” or “somewhat anxious” of the quality of the hotel.
  • Top 3 beach activities for Malaysians: walking, swimming and people watching.
  • Top 3 sacrifices Malaysians would make for an extra beach holiday are : one week’s salary, a month’s expenses on make-up/accessories/toiletries and daily morning coffee/tea for a month.

As fascinating as these findings may be, there is no other way better than to find it out in person. So, pack up and go for that next beach vacay!

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