5 Ways Your Friends Are “Contagious” To You

That’s right; germs aren’t the only thing that you can catch. Moods and behaviours can also spread from one person to another, says Reader’s Digest.

When it comes to traits and choices, it seems our friends can have a powerful impact on us or some would say, contagious. Based on these researches, here are ways the “infection” can unexpectedly affect us.

Restaurant orders

The University of Illinois found that diners are more at ease when they order entrees that are nutritionally similar to those of their companions. Next time you’re out with friends, try placing your order first to minimise being sidetracked from what you really want.

Negative thinking

Oh misery! A University of Notre Dame study randomly paired freshmen with roommates who are prone to mood swings. It was discovered that the former were likely to “catch” the negative-thinking style after three months.


Positive feelings can also rub off on others, according to a joint study by Harvard and the University of California, San Diego. For example, when you feel happy, a friend who lives within a 2km radius is 25 percent more likely to share the sentiments and neighbours are 34 percent more likely to feel the same too.


According to Heidi Hanna, life coach and author of Stressaholic, the brain is wired to detect stress in other people and you don’t need to be in the same room to catch someone else’s stress. E-mail, texts and social media are some good examples where stress is “transmittable”.

Body quirks

Robert R. Provine, author of Curious Behavior said that humans are herd animals, not in full conscious control of our behaviour. So yawning, laughing, itching, coughing, vomiting and crying are all socially contagious. Oh yes, we do know how infectious yawning can be and laughter is a form of bonding.


via: Reader’s Digest

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