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‘Hotel WiFi Test’ Ranks How Strong The Hotel’s Wi-Fi Is

A handy site to remember for your next hotel stay.

It can’t be denied how important Wi-Fi connections are these days for travellers. It is one of the popular ways to keep in touch with loved ones while appearing fabulously happy about your holiday on social media.

But as travellers may know, this connection doesn’t come cheap or easy!

Some hotels charge you for it, others limit you to just a few devices and then there are those that are accessible only from random corners of the lobby. The biggest grouse of all is how slow these connections can be!

Now, what if you can check the Internet speed of possible accommodations before opting to stay for the night?

Hotel Wi-Fi Speed Test is a site that ranks hotels around the world based on the speed of well, their Internet. All information is crowdsourced from travellers who have stayed at a particular hotel.

From New York to London, Singapore, etc, you’re able to gauge the Internet speed and what else you’ll likely be encountering.

Though the database is currently limited, you can be sure that as more travellers help run speed test on the various hotels everywhere, the site will prove to be useful.

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