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5 Makeup Artist Tips To Prevent Oily Skin

Living in a tropical country has its benefits. But it also has its skin woes for a lot of us.

One of the most common problems a lot of us suffer from is oily skin. And for us women, it makes it a little worse because it makes wearing our makeup and looking polished that extra bit harder. No one wants to look like an oily surface.

Glowing, dewy, rosy, luminous are just some of the “right” words we’d like to describe our skin. But alas, it isn’t the case for some of us as it can go down the oily zone description instead.

Although there are some benefits to having oily skin, it can be irksome when it comes to putting on our face on a daily basis.

To make life a bit easier, we searched and found some tips on how best to prevent oily skin.


1. Mattify

Mattification products are easily available in the market. They work fantastically as a foundation base, keeping the oil at bay. Too much oil breaks down the foundation so make sure you choose a product that is light, absorbs easily into your skin for smoother matt makeup application.


2. Sponge it

Blend, blend, blend. It is very important to blend and press the product into the skin to get that smooth look. If you get oily during the day and you find your makeup smearing, use a sponge to help smooth everything back into place.

It’s better than caking on more makeup on top of it. If you need a touch-up, it is even essential to blend with a sponge first prior to applying more on product. This way, you’ll get a “non-cakey” look.


3. Blot & Powder

To take away shine and to mask shine are two different things. It is in fact, vital that one takes away shine first followed by masking the shine. This is so that you end up using less products instead of piling it on. And in using less products, you’ll have less oil to deal with too.

Blot your face with a tissue paper first to absorb any sweat. Then blot your face with blotting papers to absorb excess oil and mask the shine with blotting powder thereafter. Use a puff to concentrate on various spots on your face such as the T-zone.


4. Prep

Priming your skin for any makeup application is really necessary if you want to avoid your makeup “running” on your face. Use a dry eye primer or powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow and use skin primers after your moisturiser and sunscreen prior to putting on your foundation.

After your makeup application, use a finishing spray. This will help your makeup stay on the whole day right though to night.


5. Stay hydrated 

Dehydrated skin ironically produces more oil. So to help your skin stay hydrated and with less oil, drink lots of water and moisturise with a lightweight moisturiser so your skin produces less oil.

One of the benefits of having oily skin though is that supposedly we have less wrinkles so that’s at least a saving grace.

Don’t let oily skin get you down. With these tips, hopefully, you’ll have less oil on your skin and looking your best to take on the world.

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