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Eye Want Candy: Chris Pratt

He is the Star Lord who is rocking our galaxy at the moment! Chris Pratt is crushing it so bad, it’s so good!

Who is this Chris Pratt?

Well, if you haven’t watched the hit movie Guardians Of The Galaxy, allow us to introduce you to one of the main stars – Chris Pratt, whose name is sizzling hot right now. You could say he is the new favourite celebrity of Hollywood and Internet sweetheart of today!

Though this is not his first role, Christopher Michael Pratt or ‘Chris Pratt’, has acted in several TV and movie projects before such as television shows like Everwood, The OC and Parks and Recreation, as well as films like Zero Dark Thirty, Her and Delivery Man.

His role in ‘Guardians’ as Star-Lord is his biggest and most exciting one to date. One that has propelled him into stardom and the hearts of many.

5 Reasons Why We Love Chris Pratt

He braids hair, girl’s hair

In a recent ET interview, Chris surprised many of us with his neat braiding skills. He had earlier posted a picture of his masterwork on Instagram, which led to the interviewer setting him up for a test.

The fact that Chris played along anyway, makes him all the much cooler! Scrunchie, this man knows his stuff!


He’s not afraid to appear as a goofball

Many of the roles that Chris has played are those of a sidekick dork. While it is annoying to be typecast as an idiot, he has no qualms playing such character. It is not until he auditioned for Star-Lord that he realised he could do much more than that, he could be a superhero!

His charms can also be seen off screen if his recent press tour is anything to go by. Journos have reported him to be one extremely down to earth guy.


He can rap and dance

Flawlessly! Chris has mad skills! Check out how he rolls in the vid below. Pardon the obscenities.

Plus, he’s not too bad on the dancefloor either!

Spoiler alert! Some moves you see in Guardians Of The Galaxy were “choreographed” by the man himself. You know, he worked as a stripper before when he was busting his buns off for rent! Perhaps, he picked up his skills from there?


He takes his roles seriously

From chubby to hubba-hubba!

Not that we love him any less then but did you know Chris dramatically dropped 80 pounds and replaced it with 20 pounds muscles for his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy? And he did all that in the span of six months!

If that ain’t dedication, we don’t know what is!

Guess his hard work paid off handsomely, huh!?


He’s a doting husband and father

Chris is married to fellow funny person Anna Faris and together they have a son named Jack. The chemistry between these two is adorkable! Yes adorable and dorky, and the family is just loveable.

On his new physique: “She likes abs, but she likes her fat husband better, because she gets to feed him.”

On his son: “Having to follow Jack around and pick up after him made me realise how often Anna had been doing that for me. It’s like, ‘Wait a minute, why is all this crap everywhere? Of right, someone was picking it up for me.’ So I’m not taking that for granted anymore.”


What you’ll need to make your man look like Chris Pratt

Casual – Tees, jeans, bermudas, leather jacket

Formal – Suit, fitted shirts, blazer

Accessories – Goofy personality

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