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Top 10 Ways To Use Bananas

Have you ever bought bananas and then after a few days, you’ve realised, opps, haven’t finished using them up yet!

Well, waste not! There are ways to use bananas in some great recipes.

Here are Top 10 Ways To Use Bananas:

1. Banana Smoothie

Bananas are great for potassium and with the combo of peanut butter for that extra bit of protein, it’s a fantastic way to get an energy boost.

Get the recipe here for a great banana peanut butter smoothie here.


2. Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love a good slice of banana bread? Why not make it a low fat, healthier version – get the recipe here.


3. Banana pancakes

Very few people don’t like pancakes. Try using bananas to add natural sweetness and have your beloved pancakes with a twist with this recipe.


4. Gluten Free Banana Muffins

Go gluten free for a change as it’s healthier than your regular gluten based muffins. Give it a go with this recipe here.


5. Vegan Banana French Toast

For those who are on a vegan diet, this is a great recipe for incorporating bananas in french toast.


6. Banana Fairy Cakes

This is a good recipe to do with the little ones in your household should you feel inclined to do so. It can also be adapated for those on a gluten free diet.


7. Quick Banana Ice Cream

Using just one ingredient to make ice cream?! We are so doing this! Check it out.


8. Baked Bananas

Need that quick dessert for that dinner you’ve got planned at home? Try this delicious baked banana dessert for a change.


9. Banana Pudding

Using the microwave with all the ingredients chucked in a casserole dish to create a pudding is a brilliant idea. Make this banana pudding extra luscious with that added bit of vanilla ice cream or clotted cream on the side.


10. Banana Cookies

Make a healthier snack with this recipe for that cookie craving. Less calories with more nutrition. What more can one ask for?

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