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Exclusive : David Blaine, Real Or Magic?

Brace yourselves KL for the mater of illusion, the modern day Houdini and endurance artist, David Blaine has arrived to take KL by storm! 

For the very first time, David Blaine will be performing live in Malaysia as part of his David Blaine “Real Or Magic?” Asia Tour 2014 on Friday, 5th September at Stadium Negara. The one-night only show is brought to you by LOL Events and Livescape Asia.

Today, during the exclusive Press Conference, we got to meet the affable personality and we managed to squeeze in some Q&A time with him :

VB: How did you get into magic?

DB: When I was a young boy, I went into a library and a librarian saw that I had a pack of cards with me. She asked me if I would like a book on magic and I said yes. She gave me a book, I took it home, read it and learned some magic tricks.

When I showed the magic tricks to my Mom, it was her look of surprise, joy and that she believed it to be real that got to me. It started from there.

VB: Will you be performing any street acts whilst you’re here in KL?

DB: Yes, I think I’ll have some time in the next two days to get out for a bit and do some street acts. That is actually my favourite thing to do. I’ll be performing them in places with people who least expect it!

VB: Where do you get your inspiration from for all your acts? Is there anything specific that inspires you?

DB: As a magician, I think anything is possible. And if one person can do it, I believe others can too. I’ve never been one to go with the flow. Other people go in one direction, I go in the opposite direction.

My inspiration comes from a lot of things. I get my inspiration from everywhere and everything that is around me. From the people I see and meet on the street to reading books, historical references and also from other talented magicians whom I know and respect for their religious dedication in honing their craft.

VB: What is your take on magicians who reveal or expose their secrets to the public?

DB: That is bound to happen. And I think that those who do reveal secrets do it to entertain people from a different perspective. The magicians, artists, illusionists that I know won’t reveal their trade secrets to anyone. This is because of the amount of time and effort working tirelessly to master and perfect each act that we do.

VB: Will the show on Friday be a 2-hour non-stop performance from you?

DB: There’ll be other incredible talent that will be performing with me at the show. They’re very talented people who will enthrall you with their acts. They will be supporting my performance by giving me time to rest in between performances. Each act that I do takes a lot out of me, so what you see is literally my all that I am giving to you. So I need time to rest in between takes.


Opening for David at his show will be an award-winning competitive hip-hop dancer from France, Salah Benlemqawanssa, Yann Frisch who specialises in close-up magic and will be performing his act “Baltass” and Lawrence Sullivan, a professional magician based in Hong Kong. There will also be a young prodigy in magic appearing during the show as well as David’s brother, Michael Bukalo.

For the show, David Blaine will be doing what seems to be the impossible, as that is what he’s known for. From producing scorching fire from within his body to confounding the audience with his act of being underwater without oxygen, his acts will leave the audience breathless and in sheer awe.

For the grand finale, David Blaine will be performing a death-defying stunt, similar to what he has done many times before. This stunt, we were told will surely leave audience in utter wonder, questioning whether that was actually “Real or Magic?”.

VIP tickets are sold out but there are still some tickets available. Tickets start from RM138 onwards. See here for more details on purchasing tickets for the show.

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