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Create, Decorate, Celebrate With Spotlight Malaysia

Well, what do you know? 8 months of the year has flown by and we’re now approaching the last few months of the year, where some of us will be celebrating Halloween, Deepavali, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course, New Year’s Eve.

Malaysians are blessed with having multiple festivals and celebrations throughout the year. We get to see a rainbow of colours in the various festivals celebrated here through the food, clothes, people and the decorations. Decorating one’s home is popular for quite a number of people here and when it comes to all things decor related, well, Spotlight definitely knows a thing or two in that department.

Yesterday, Spotlight Malaysia introduced us to their glorious new collection of everything party orientated for the festivities coming your way. With their 2014 “Create, Decorate, Celebrate”, it has everything possible to cover what you need for that next party – from ready to buy household items, materials and decoration to party supplies, craft supplies and needs.

And to make the decoration process more fun and less of a chore, here are some festive tips for you here:

An Artistic Holiday Approach

Be creative and unleash your artistic side, taking the home-made approach to your decorations. Create your own unique wreath or sew Christmas stockings or knit your own gifts and decorations for the Christmas tree.

Simply Striking

The idea is to make your decorations one of a kind and to make it your own by adding your own personal style to things. Give that dining table of yours some festive cheer by choosing colour coordinated party ware, have a glass vase with beautiful hand-made paper flowers as your centerpiece or decorate the table with an assortment of fruits and nuts (cloves stuck in fresh oranges emit a wonderful festive aroma).

Don’t Just Decorate, Ornamate instead! 

Try doing something different for a change if you’re the type who always just buys ready-made decorations. There’s nothing wrong in that but if you’d like a bit of a change, try your hand at some DIY, e.g. using foam or wood products to create your own decorations. You can even create your own table cloth or cloth napkins if you’re into sewing for your dinner party guests.

Gift Perfecting

Nothing beats like having a personalised gift and the more significance it carries, the more meaningful it is. So why not try creating something that comes from the heart and from your own hands?

Spotlight offers an array of project ideas and for Christmas this year, they have the Kaiserwood Advent calendar which can be a really fun project you can do with the family; or the DIY Plastic Baubles for your Christmas tree decorations.

If you’re one who likes to get a foot in the door with your Christmas shopping, all Christmas and festive products will go on sale from the 14th of October 2014 at Spotlight Malaysia.

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