(Beauty Buzz) Bobbi Brown: New Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

As a perfectionist to all things to do with beauty, Bobbi Brown teaches women techniques and creates products that allow us to be able to achieve flawless skin through easy, accessible ways.

The new Skin Weightless Powder Foundation (priced RM140) is the most luxurious and lightweight formula that Bobbi Brown has ever created. And it’s the secret to perfect skin.

This creamy powder delivers a soft, cashmere-like feel and a buffed, polished finish that looks like skin and feels completely weightless, which is powder foundation being redefined into something quite revolutionary.

Unlike other powder foundations that are dry powders pressed into a pan, Skin Weightless Compact Powder Foundation begins as a creamy liquid and powder blend that’s baked for 12 hours. This advanced slurry technology combines the softest and lightest-weight powders, swirled into an emulsion-like formula that feels weightless and maintains moisture for an “unpowdered” look and natural matte finish.

The result is a powder foundation that’s light and creamy—the perfect balance between comfortable texture and healthy skin finish. Skin Weightless Compact Powder Foundation seamlessly melts onto skin, blurring imperfections and pores for a natural-looking complexion. Plus, coverage stays fresh and true all day through sweat and humidity.

And to celebrate this new launch of the Skin Weightless Powder Foundation, Bobbi Brown is offering complimentary Secret to Perfect Skin Makeup lessons. Details are listed below.

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