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(Food Review) The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery

Having heard about The Kitchen Table via the supper club in Mont Kiara, we kept meaning to pay them a visit but never did. When they finally opened their doors in the quieter side of Damansara Kim in Petaling Jaya, we decided that it was indeed high time for a visit.

And boy, did we visit. We visited this place several times to check out the place and so far, each visit has been more than satisfactory, which lets us leave with smiles on our faces after our meals. That’s saying quite a lot, we can tell you.

We first tried their Day Menu offerings and it did not disappoint. As you walk in, white washed walls, freshly baked bread and a promising array of cakes and desserts greet you, calling your name to try each and every item there.

We decided on the luscious pulled pork served with a side of crunchy carrot-beet slaw, salsa and their signature sourdough bread (RM12.50) and also ordered the juicy Roast Chicken which is moist and well seasoned (also served with a side of crunchy carrot-beet slaw and their signature sourdough bread for RM15.90).

To finish, we had their Meringues and though it was sweet, it was exactly what we needed for that Sunday brunch. Meringues are meant to be sweet and this one paired with chocolate was sensational. We also had their Basil Cheesecake – a different but lovely slice of cake. It’s not too heavy or too light. It was just right. A delightful way to end a great meal.

The Kitchen Table prides itself for being simple. Not in a too plain jane sense but in the sense that it serves great tasting food with minimal fuss. It has no airs nor does it have high claims of pretending to be something they’re not. Their food is simply rustic, warm and comforting. It makes this place a favourite in our books when it comes to a place for Sunday Brunch.

The food was good enough to warrant another visit and the next time we decided to sample their dinner menu. The dinner menu is not dismal, just minimal items to choose from. However, all the offerings looked promising and enticing. Based on our last visit here, we had high hopes for the items served for dinner.

Their menu has small plates and large plates. The small plates are basically starters and their large plates are their main course, which serve two adults. We suppose that if you’re really hungry, you could possibly devour an entire portion on your own. But as we are quite typically Malaysian, we like to order a few dishes to try out and share it amongst ourselves. With no need for encouragement to order, we ordered away.

For starters, we had their Citrus Salad (RM24) which consists of calamari tossed with a shallot vinaigrette, served on a bed of citrus fruit topped with capers and mint. A refreshing starter. To help mop up the juices on the plate, we could not resist an order of their house-made sourdough bread (RM8) served with salted butter. Being lovers of bread, we have to say that the sourdough bread is one of the better ones we’ve had in town. A definite must try.

For the main event, so to speak, we had to try their infamous Buckwheat Fried Chicken, half a chicken served with a simple pomelo salad (RM38). The fried chicken was quite well done, a part was a little bloody near the bone but overall, it was scrumptious. It’s no wonder why it was recently nominated for the Time Out Food Awards for the Best Fried Chicken category.

Our second choice for a main was the Orecchiette Pasta, a delicious pasta dish with oyster and shimeji mushrooms, miso butter and a soft egg (RM31). Although we would have personally preferred the soft egg served on top of the pasta to be softer and runnier, thus allowing us be able to stir in the soft egg properly into the pasta, that was the only “complaint”, as it were.

The egg still had its soft yolk, which was beautiful sight to behold once you break into it. This pasta dish tasted divine. In fact, one of us preferred this compared to the fried chicken and fought for the last spoonful. So yes, it was that good.

We take our desserts and cakes very seriously. And we are happy to report that The Kitchen Table exceeded our expectations in this department.

We tried the Earl Grey Creme Brulee (RM15) served with shortbread and grapefruit pieces. Its hint of orange bergamot from the earl grey lifts this classic dessert of creme brulee to higher heights. And to have it with buttery melt-in-the-mouth shortbread cookies? We’re sold!

We were rather full from this truly satisfying meal but that didn’t stop us from taking away some of the deliciousness home with us. We took back their Lemon Drizzle Cake (RM6.50 per slice), Carrot-pineapple cake (RM12.90) and a loaf of their sourdough bread.

Whilst we have had better lemon drizzle cakes before, this one is still very good and for the price, it’s more than decent. The pineapple carrot cake is not overtly sweet, has the right balance of spice and nuttiness with a mild cream cheese frosting.

Just one point to note though. Unfortunately, the coffee here isn’t as good as we had hoped. We had it during our first visit and it was lacking in depth and flavour. So, we opted not to have coffee when we were there the next couple of times we visited. For coffee lovers such as ourselves, this was disappointing but we hope they’ll be able to improve on their coffee soon.

With regards to alcohol, they haven’t yet secured their liquor license. Thus, corkage is currently RM35 per bottle.

Would we come back again? Yes. We’ve been there a few times now and are glad to report that they have remained consistent in their food. Prices are very reasonable for the fare offered. Service staff are attentive and polite, which also helps make your dining experience a more pleasant one.

The menu choices may be small for the moment but you know what, it’s better to have everything that one serves in a restaurant to be exceptional in quality and taste than to have multiple choices but deliver mediocre food. We’ll certainly be back again and look forward to more food journeys with The Kitchen Table team.

The Day Menu is available from 10am till 2:30pm. Bakery items served thereafter. The Dinner Menu starts from 6:30pm till 10:30pm.

Venue address: The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery, 23, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Opening time: 10am-1030pm (with 530pm-630pm break). Closed Mondays

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