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15 Not So Important Facts About Sex

When it comes to sex, it isn’t that complicated for most of us. Very often, love comes into play and at times, it’s governed by lust.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding sex, it’s something that is looked upon positively, that it is a shared intimate activity that involves giving oneself and trusting that person. For some, sex isn’t necessarily a shared bonding experience but rather, they see it as a plain good time between the sheets. Either way, one thing that is commonly shared is that when sex is done right and with the right person, it’s amazing.

According to some recent research by, 56% of men claim to have had sex at work. The other 44% can only hope. And that if men are married but found to be impotent, the marriage usually ends up in divorce as the women want a family.

Other interesting findings that they found was:

  • that if allergies are getting to you, have some sex as sex unblocks a stuffy nose!
  • more women talk dirty during sex than men.
  • only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex.
  • that the average man will ejaculate 18 quarts of sperm in his life.
  • that the average erect penis is 5 inches and that the smallest ever erect penis is, would you believe 1 centimeter!
  • if men have a lot of good sex, they are very likely to live past 80 years of age.

Here’s an infographic that state 15 Not So Important Facts About Sex:

Source: Removing Genital Warts

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