Venus On Mars: BADLAB – Is It Man Enough For You?

A new dynamic Malaysian-conceived brand, BADLAB has been “man-gineered” to bring out the rebel in men everywhere. If you’re looking for something to bring out the bad boy in your man, look no further.

BADLAB comes with an edgy, adventurous, brave, fun, inspirational and cool attitude. It wants to set itself apart from the rest of the ranges of skincare for men that are available in the market. It is designed for the man who’s all walk and little talk. Just what some of us ladies like, the strong silent type.

And with that in mind, BADLAB’s “Brave and Daring Laboratory” was created to shake up the skincare regime of men. To take it to the next level for the unconventional and youthfully adventurous alpha male on the go.

The brand has spent endless hours of research and development to create the fuss free personal care range of products for men, using the best quality ingredients and with convenience in mind. Not an easy feat to do but BADLAB has managed to do that.

BADLAB’s promise of “Dirty, Sexy, Filthy, Clean. And quick” resonates within the creation of its 19 innovative products, covering six categories which include Hair-Care, Body-Care, Special 3-in-1, Facial Care, Hair Styling and Moisturizer/Deodorant.

Its range of essential products have the premium active ingredients, such as, Dragon Blood (to support skin repair and regeneration), Blue Stone (to hydrate the skin) and Silver (which provides lasting protection against body odor and perspiration).

Our top picks from BADLAB range are the:

  • Caveman Cleaner, a 3-in-1 hair, face and body shampoo for maximum convenience. A great go-to for your man if he’s always on the move.
  • Full Body Amour, a non-sticky SPF 30 formula with not only protects and moisturises the skin but also battles pesky mosquitoes!
  • Lean Mean Machine, a body sculpting gel of rejuvenating Dragon’s Blood and fatigue-fighting Chronodyn™ which provides cooling physical relief, and helps tone and firm skin- the ultimate post-workout booster.
  • Play in gthe Mud, a mineralising mud soap for cleansing the face and body.

BADLAB is available on their website, Joe’s Barbershop, Snackfood Bangsar and other selected retailers, or visit their Facebook page for more details.

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