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Newly Launched: David Beckham’s Bodywear for H&M

The highly-anticipated sexy campaign of David Beckham for H&M launched worldwide on February 2

It is not the first time David Beckham strips to his underwear, with his previous in-bed Armani campaign. This time around, however, David adds a special touch to a bodywear line he designed for H&M.

”The underwear is totally my designs, and are things that I like to wear,” Beckham tells UK newspaper The Sun.

The intimate collection by David Beckham has hit 1,800 H&M stores worldwide yesterday. The prices range from SGD17.90 to SGD 49.90.

David is captured in his glorified physical assets in black and white photographs.

Not every 36-year-old still has got the whole complete package – the toned torso, bulging biceps, and fierce inks, among other assets.

Besides briefs and boxers, David and his in-house designer team has prepared T-shirts, pajamas, vests and long johns.

Ladies, check out some intimate clips of David modeling his own collection on H&M website while your men are running (flying, in this case) to the nearest H&M store! Or maybe this could be another idea for the perfect Valentine’s gift for him? Decisions, oh, decisions.

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