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Breaking News: Shoppers Queue Overnight For New H&M X Alexander Wang

Since the announcement of the H&M X Alexander Wang collection, the world has been literally abuzz with eager and much awaited anticipation.

When we saw the beauties at the exclusive media preview, we promise you, it will be the fight to the death to grab what you want when the doors of H&M Lot 10 and H&M Avenue K open up later this morning.

Die-hard fans of Alexander Wang have been lining up since the evening of November 4, two days ahead of the launch!

There are also personal shoppers and “agents” who are in this queue to shop on behalf of their clients who do not wish to queue up but who simply must have this collection. The clients pay up to a 30% premium on top of the retail prices of any items they want to buy. All payments are made upfront and there are no guarantees as to whether they are able to get what they want. If the item they want is not available, a full refund is given of course.

Here are the best shots of the day, captured by Malaysians in town via their Instagram accounts. Credits as listed on the images below.

@robintagus captured these serious hardcore Alexander Wang fans braving through the rain to remain in the queue. Now, that’s what we call dedication!

@ayeshaaqilah, reposted @ticpicks’ photo. These girls came prepared as you can see, and are all ready to stick it out through the night. They’ve been there in the queue since yesterday morning.

@amrirahim from the PR Agency handling H&M Malaysia managed to capture images of the first fans. They started lining up at 9:35pm on the 4th of November! That’s 48 hours prior to the launch on the 6th of November.

And on the instagram account of @avenuekmy, their shot captures the shoppers camping out and getting as comfy as they can to get some shut eye before storming into H&M at 8am when the doors open.

#wangwars have officially begun!

Update : We heard that the collection has run out in both stores. For those who did not manage to get their hands on any, we have some wallet-friendly inspired alternatives here.

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