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[Beauty Buzz] La Mer: The New Cleansers

The first step to having beautiful skin is ensuring that our skin is clean and that we have a cleansing ritual that leaves our skin feeling clean, refreshed and ready to take on the next skin care steps and treatments that follow.

La Mer has reinvented the sleek new packaging for their cleaners. La Mer cleansers are known to be gentle yet effective enough to clean the skin whilst still protecting its moisture barrier.

With precious ingredients from the sea, La Mer cleansers are truly a step above the rest. They soothe sensitive skin and restore radiance, which is something all of us women strive for. The cleansers utilise magnetised tourmaline, a natural gemstone that energise skin, improving cleansing efficacy.

The cleansing products are The Cleansing Lotion (200ml priced at RM310), The Cleansing Gel(200ml priced at RM310) and The Cleansing Oil(200ml priced at RM310).  There is also another product called The Mist (100ml priced at RM250.00), which main purpose is to refresh, hydrate and rebalance your skin.

La Mer is avaiable at Metrojaya Midvalley Megamall, Isetan Suria KLCC, Parkson Pavilion and Isetan Bandar Utama.

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