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[Infographic] How Good Is Your Attention Span?

Now, testing one’s attention span is somewhat quite an interesting topic.

Some may argue that men have shorter attention spans whilst others will tell you that it hasn’t got anything to do with gender, whereas there are others who beg to differ on that school of thought.

We found infographic that is aimed at people’s attention span/attention range when visiting a webpage. These days, many of us aimlessly thumb through news feeds on Facebook, sports blog threads, or even news on our smartphones and tablets. And sadly, as a result, it actually makes our attention spans even worse.

If you actually read the text of what this infographic relates, you will (hopefully) be led to the satisfying result of being congratulated on not being a “complete idiot!”

However, if the ever-so-tempting, pizza-eating penguin, Steve, catches your attention first, you may be lured into the realms of complete idiocy.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s see how sharp you really are…

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