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Top 5 Fruits With The Highest Sugar Counts

Fruits don’t have added sugar but you really should know what your food content is all about and if you love fruits, it’s better to have a rough idea of how much of the sugar you’re actually taking in.

Naturally occurring sugar is definitely preferable to the added kind. Still, you should have a general idea of how much you’re taking in each time you chow down on a smoothie or a fruit salad.

Here, we have five fruits with high sugar counts:

High Sugar Fruits

1) Lychees

Although we don’t have lychees grown locally, they are fairly accessible during the lychee season. It’s not too expensive when it’s in full season and it’s scrumptious to eat! However, with 29 grams of sugar per cup of lychees, this exotic fruit packs a serious sugar punch. Here’s why it’s all right to consume in moderation, though: It also gives you 136 milligrams of calcium, superseding your daily recommended intake of 75 milligrams.

2) Figs

Figs are not easily available here and perhaps we ought to be thankful for that reason. Figs are delicious and are generally considered quite luxurious for a reason: One cup of raw figs has 27 grams of sugar, or about as much as a candy bar. However, unlike candy, though, figs come with hearty doses of fiber and potassium. But still, it is super high in sugar so go easy on these if you’re a fan.

3) Mangoes

We’re fortunate to have a glut of mangoes easily available here in our tropical country. They’re delicious, have a wide variety of uses and it’s almost a fail proof desert as almost everyone likes them. But each cup contains about 23 grams of sugar. Mangoes provide over a third of your daily vitamin A quota, and that serving also helps to keep your eyes healthy. So, it’s not a total lost but enjoy mangoes moderately as they are quite high in sugar.

4) Cherries

Cherries are a well-loved fruit. It is very expensive to get them here as are most imported fruits. With the cherry pits, one cup of sweet cherries has 18 grams of sugar. No wonder it’s so easy to pop them as though you’re eating sweets! Whilst they are high in sugar counts, it seems that cherries help aid sleep.

5) Grapes

This fruit is ever so popular and with good reason as they not only taste great but they are also fairly readily available. But both the red and green grape varieties contain 15 grams of sugar per cup. The red kinds are rich in antioxidants, which is good for you.  Both pack a fiber punch too, which again can be good for you. However, due to the high sugar count, it is advisable to eat them in moderation or as a treat every once in a while.

Source: Women’s Health

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