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[Product Review] : Go Girl; Women Can Pee Standing Up!

Really Now?

When we asked women if they would be keen to pee standing up, most were meh about it, or skeptical. I personally was curious about this contraption which we featured before here, and so when Go Girl gave us a chance to review it, or should we say wee-view, we took it standing up!

The Go Girl is made from medical-grade silicon and is reusable. While it is new to us, European women have been using peeing devices for a while now. The Go Girl is foldable and can easily fit into their original container, almost as large as a travel-sized moisturizer. Basically, it is very convenient to carry around. Go Girl comes with simple-to-use instructions and they recommend that you practice at home to make it second nature.

On trial run, we are relieved to report that it is easy to use. However, we caution those that think they can just “whip out” the Go Girl and pee standing up, there were a few things to note:

  1. It has to form a pocket so it seals any possible leaks. As such, it needs to be positioned properly and may need some space below
  2. You cannot pee like you’re trying to shoot at something and fill up the air pocket all at once, spillage will occur.

I was more curious about instances where a Go Girl would be needed in a country such as Malaysia, so I asked some women who have tried various female-urination devices (FUD) for answers. It basically comes down to these categories of usage:

  1. Outdoor adventurers – those who are often found in some jungle looking for peace or being in touch with mother nature will tell you that the creatures of the jungle are often also curious about the human beings that invade their space. True story : Someone shared that she has gotten leeched on where the sun don’t shine when she dropped her pants to squat away her bladder. Now she more than anyone else would have appreciated a Go Girl then. She now uses one.
  2. Mobile sites and locations/field events – women who work in sites and event locations that have portable toilets or none at all would find this useful. We are told that many site engineers are ever so grateful for this device.
  3. Bad knees – when squatting is more painful than getting pee stains on your clothes. Enough said.
  4. Hygiene conscious – given the state of public toilets and given that some toilets in urban areas are still a hole in the ground, you can now pee without squatting over holes or hovering over filthy toilet seats *phew*
  5. Bedridden – this FUD can be useful for those who are bedridden and not wanting to wear an adult diaper or have tube inserted. As such, you can also use this outdoors in a tent lying down while caught in a thunderstorm.
  6. Stuck in traffic – Given the state of traffic in Malaysia where a potential bladder burst is an inevitable incident waiting to happen, I do believe one needs to practice using this often enough for potential use one day.

If you’re ready to take life standing up, you can purchase one of these Go Girls online from Healthworks. It is sold at RM44 inclusive of shipping!

Purchase a Go Girl here.

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