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[Food Review] IPPUDO BSC Chef’s December Specials (Non-halal)

When it comes to ramen, a few places come to mind and IPPUDO is very likely to make it to the top few on the list.

This month, Chef Kudo-san at IPPUDO (who is in charge of menu direction at IPPUDO) has created with some great Chef’s Specials. IPPUDO changes their Chef’s Specials every quarter and Chef Kudo-san creates his specials menu based on the change of seasons in Japan, but he’s tailor-made it to suit Malaysian palettes and what ingredients he could get here. In that creative process, Chef Kudo-san doesn’t lose sight of maintaining the Japanese essence of his creations. He perseveres to bring you the best quality of the produce to ensure deliciousness in every bite.

With that mind-set, he has created a very special menu for this December. His Chef’s Specials cover a variety of things. From appetisers or small plates to the main highlight of which IPPUDO is known for, ramen to desserts.

We started off with the truly scrumptious Beef Tataki served with a spicy garlic sauce (RM33++). This little shot glasses carried morsels of delights were almost like beef carpaccio and the meat was melt-in-your-mouth soft. Chef Kudo-san uses only beef imported from the States so you can assured of quality meat here. It had no “meaty smell”, if you’re particular about that sort of thing. It carried a lovely balance of flavours – nicely seasoned with a bit of bite with the chilli padi, it went down a treat.

Next, we had the Aburi Hotate Carpaccio with Tosasu jelly (RM38++). This one was something unexpected. Light, refreshing on the palette, it had a real rounded balance of flavour. The mixture of saltiness from the roe and the tang from the tosasu jelly, it was a pleasant change. Definitely one of our favourites of the night.

IPPUDO is infamous for everything pork. And pork is celebrated in this dish, the Roasted Pork with Oriental Wasabi Sauce (RM22++). The meat was well seasoned, tender and juicy but not fatty, which can be rather difficult to achieve when it comes to pork but IPPUDO does it well. The grilled meat is served with a unique garlic sauce that has a hint of orange flavours to it. A win in our books!

Next up, the main courses were the highlight of our night. Ramen, ramen and more ramen. The Chef’s Special ramen this month is the Misoshiromaru Ramen (RM26++) is served with their signature tonkatsu broth which is well blended with a few different varieties of miso pastes and fish stock. The soup alone is truly worth slurping up as it’s amazing on its own. However, they bring it to the another level with a portion of grated fresh ginger and a cube of unsalted butter. Add that into the soup and wham! The flavour is elevated to a deep richer flavour with the gingery goodness and the creaminess of the butter.

We followed this by the most popular ramen dishes served at IPPUDO BSC. The Karaka Tomago (RM30++). The Karaka-men is served with a salted soft-boiled egg (which is also what IPPUDO is well-known for), topped with spicy minced pork. The look of the dish may deem it to be rather spicy but surprisingly, it isn’t. Again, the balance of flavours is just right, the only difference is, it has a slight kick to it.

The next ramen dish is only exclusively available at IPPUDO BSC. The different thing about the IPPUDO Kuro (RM28++) is that it has the thick chewy ramen noodles, which is not available in all the other ramen dishes. It is also served with the signature tonkatsu broth and a generous portion of black fungus. It has a spicy blended miso paste served with fragrant garlic oil mixed into it which really makes this ramen dish stand out. We found it a tad salty but it was enjoyed nonetheless.

You know when you go to a place and you just know what you want? Well, no matter when we go to IPPUDO, we never fail to order this – the original, if you may, the Shiromaru Motoaji (RM26++). It’s a classic Hakata-style ramen, which is served al dente together with the juicy pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage (a type of jelly ear mushroom) and spring onions. Truly heavenly. It is served with the option of adding fresh garlic into the soup. Without, it still satisfies but with the fresh garlic, it makes the soup more intense. It’s a personal preference as some may feel that it fresh garlic may be too strong a flavour for them but either way, we found it delicious.

IPPUDO is also introducing a range of cocktails and we tasted several. Currently, IPPUDO is running a special promotion on their Japanese cocktails (4 types to choose from), at just RM15++ per glass! A real bonus as far as we’re concerned. Our favourites of the night were the Wasabi Martini (RM26++) and the Kiss Of Geisha (RM24++).

If you’re looking for something comforting, look no further as IPUDDO hits the right notes with these dishes. Do check them out as the Chef’s Specials mentioned here are available only till the 31st of December 2014. Try them out and let us know what you think. Happy slurping!

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