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[Food Review] Mezze Wine Bar & Bistro (Non-Halal)

Mezze Bistro has been around for some time. All our previous visits to Mezze Bistro have been rather spontaneous. This time, we planned our visit in a more organised manner, where we could also try out the offers that are featured on

Upon walking in, it’s cosy, full of festive cheer and being greeted with warmth always helps. Our reservation was for 6:30pm, which was the last reservation allowed to qualify for the offer. The other catch is that you have to order everything you want immediately to qualify for the offer since our reservation time slot was the last available one. The offer for Mezze that is featured on is 20% off your bill.

To describe Mezze as just a “Western” restaurant is really unfair because frankly, they are more than just that. The restaurant’s concise menu reveals good mix of cuisine styles. From Italian, Spanish, French, Moroccan and Greek cuisine, and even the surprising addition of the Vietnamese beef pho, it just goes to show just how varied and well-traveled Chef Yves Pierre Renou is.

Even with the concise menu, it was actually quite difficult for us to decide on what we wanted. Mainly because a lot of it looked and sounded great. At the same time, we didn’t want to boring and order pasta. So we decided that we’ll take couple of favourites and go with the special.

We started with a small Charcuterie Platter (Small RM46++, Large RM73++), which is a platter of fine cooked and dry-cured meats, hams, sausages, hand-made pates and terrines served with a variety of pickles, a bread basket and butter. The selection of meats, hams and sausages were delicious. They were succulent with the right amount of saltiness. Pair those meats with the bread and glorious pats of butter, it’s simply divine.

Followed by our main courses which were the Crispy French Pizza aka Tarte Flambe (RM37++) which had lashings of cream cheese, bacon and onions. This comes highly recommended on their menu and we’ve to say that it’s quite good. The pizza base is very thin, so you have to eat it fairly quickly or you’ll find the base goes soft after it cools down.



Next, we had the special of the day which were French Mussels (RM73++) which you have a choice of how it’s served to you. The choices are: white wine, white wine and cream and lastly, a Asian version cooked in a spicy tamarind sauce. We opted for the French Mussels cooked in with white wine and cream. It comes served with two strips of bread which when dipped into that creamy luxurious sauce, to say that it’s just delicious is an understatement. The balance of flavours are just right without it being overtly creamy. The mussels were plump and juicy. A rare feat in Malaysia as we’ve had several bad dining experiences with mussels at other places before. Thus, the freshness and plumpness of the mussels were a delight.

We could not do without our veggies so we chose something simple and foolproof. The Mezze House Salad (RM16++) was also very good. Salads can be unfortunately be disappointing too but we are glad to report that it’s not the case at Mezze. This salad had a mixture of baby salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables and pomegranate tossed in their special house made salad dressing of pomegranate molasses and olive oil. Yummy it was indeed.

The dessert menu is rather standard with a lot of chocolate choices on it. It offered pavlova, panna cotta, chocolate fondant, tiramisu, etc. but the star here has to be the Sticky Toffee Pudding served with vanilla ice cream, which we have had several times. It is one of the better ones we’ve had in town. This time, we went with the Awesome Blackout Chocolate Cake (RM18++).

The menu description of this cake says this: ‘A rich 75% dark Valrhona chocolate cake that is simply to die for!’. We are serious chocolate lovers so we looked forward to this. It did look very promising upon arrival. However, whilst this one wasn’t bad, for us, it fell a little short. For one, we found it to be quite sweet and we couldn’t savour the rich 75% dark Valrhona chocolate that the description promised. It’s nonethelss a good dessert but we wanted something with more chocolatey depth that usually comes with Valrhona chocolate.

Having said that, it was still a great meal all around. Mezze has yet to let us down in our dining experiences. Their consistency in their food is not an easy feat to achieve and they’ve managed to maintain that since first opening their doors. That is something we appreciate. And with that continued promise of a good meal whenever we pass this threshold, we look forward to our next visit.

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