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[Infographic] How Many Cookies Does Santa Need This Christmas?

Now it seems that Santa has a pretty tough job. When it comes to this time of the year, one can safely assume that Santa’s job is rather stressful not to mention super busy!

Assuming Santa travels all over the world covering both the east and west, he actually doesn’t have much time to cover it all on Christmas Eve. So how does Santa manage it all, you wonder?

With the help of all things genius – fuel (we’re talking a different kind of fuel as Santa’s reindeers are fuel free), the super sonic reindeers, a sturdy sleigh and the unique remarkable agility only Santa Claus has.

As mentioned, the fuel we’re referring to isn’t petrol orientated but rather from the caloric point of view. We found this adorable infographic from Shari’s Berries that depicts this. So, this Christmas, don’t stinge on those cookies! Leave a generous plate full out for Santa. God knows, he needs it!!

Source: Shari’s Berries

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