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[Infographic] Charles Dickens: A Visionary With ‘A Christmas Carol’

Charles Dickens paved the way for serial writers to become famous or at least on how to become popular. With A Christmas Carol, Dickens was visionary, and not to mention totally hip and ahead of his time.

His work, A Christmas Carol, is basically the most famous Christmas story of all time. Sure, there’s Santa Klaus, nativity scenes, catching up & feasting with friends. But this story somehow went the distance. It even had ghosts. Not only that – it was imaginative as it had time-traveling ghosts. Ghosts that will make a nice man of the meanest kind of man there is.

This book has been well-loved by many over the years but do you know the facts about this author? Some of it may well surprise you! Did you know that this story has been adapted into 28 different films and musicals? Heck, even mimes have had a go at it. Charles Dickens was a gifted author but sadly, he wasn’t a very pleasant man. He’d get drunk and even try to perform the plays himself on stage. So to say that he was involved to the core, that’s putting it lightly.

Besides writing one of the most iconic books of Christmas, he was also a one-man show. He would publish, print, bind, and advertise all of his works all by himself. He, unfortunately, was well versed in scoundrel types of behavior. He left his wife for a young actress.

Despite all this, the man still came up with a story about holiday cheer that will forever bring joy and thanksgiving to all!

Credit: The ON Switch

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