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7 Foods For Better Sex

Want to put some sizzle back into your sex life? Well, food can actually help you set the mood.

There’s nothing better than a romantic, home-cooked dinner, featuring some foods to help turn up the heat. Food helps connect people and when it’s shared with someone whom you love and care about, the connection grows deeper.

According to Jennifer R. Berman, MD, the director of the Berman Women’s Wellness Center, in Beverly Hills, California, she said that there is a growing body of evidence that some of the vitamins and components in foods can enhance sexual function and sexual experience. Food has been major players when it comes to our aphrodisiac history and thus, it does have links as to how it affects our sex drives.

Here are some of the  Top 7 Foods For Better Sex:

1. Avocados

Many moons ago, the Aztecs referred to avocados as testicles. Yes, you read right – testicles, namely because of their physical shape. Avocados are an aphrodisiac because they’re rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat, making them good for your heart and your arteries. And really, anything that keeps the heart beating strong helps keep blood flowing to all the right places. Men with underlying heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). So to avoid that, amp on the avocados!

2. Almonds

Almonds aren’t just superfoods. They’re also great for sex! Almonds have long been purported to increase passion, act as a sexual stimulant, and aid with fertility. This nut is also nutrient-dense and rich in several trace minerals, which are important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E.  Zinc helps enhance libido and sexual desire.

3. Strawberries

When did you wear a red dress and not feel sexy? Hardly ever we say (and if you did wear red and didn’t feel hot, something is very wrong! Get a new red dress stat!). A 2008 study found that men find women sexier if they’re wearing red, as opposed to cool colors such as blue or green. Strawberries are an excellent source of folic acid. It’s full of vitamin B that helps ward off birth defects in women and, according to a University of California, Berkley study, it’s tied to high sperm counts in men. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Why not try making dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries, if you’ve not done so before. And by the way, there’s a reason chocolate is given on Valentine’s Day: it’s full of libido-boosting methylxanthines.

4. Seafood

Now, seafood is definitely great to boost up the aphrodisiac levels in us. Despite their slimy texture, oysters may be the most well-known aphrodisiac. They’re also one of the best sources of libido-boosting zinc and zinc is known to increase libido and sexual desire. But other types of seafood can also act as aphrodisiacs. Oily fish such as wild salmon contain essential nutrients for a healthy heart, which helps pump the blood in the right places.

5. Arugula

Arugula? Really, you say? Well, arugula isn’t just merely a leaf you can add to your salad. It has been heralded as an arousal aid since the first century. Today, research reveals that the trace minerals and antioxidants packed into dark, leafy greens are essential for our sexual health because they help block the absorption of some of the environmental contaminants thought to negatively impact our libido.

6. Figs

Figs have a long history of being a fertility booster. Not only can they be drippingly sweet and thus, making it an interesting snack to have in the bedroom where you can literally kiss the sweet juices off each other, but they make an excellent aphrodisiac. This is because they are packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is important for heart health. On top of that, figs are high-fiber foods that help fill you up, not fill you out, so it’s easier to achieve that sexy flatter belly.

7. Citrus fruits

Any member of the citrus fruit family is super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid, all of which are essential for men’s reproductive health. Enjoy a romantic salad that incorporates citrus, like pink grapefruit or mandarin oranges, or use a dressing made with lemon and lime.

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