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Wobb: The New Recruitment Tool!

We’re sure that most of you have heard about Jobstreet when it comes to looking for jobs. Well, there’s a new kid in town. And they’re called Wobb. 

Wobb?? Yes. Wobb. It is a new Gen-Y recruitment tool in Malaysia and it’s cited to be a hit with job seekers especially those with a creative or marketing background. The site covers a large variety of companies, from e-commerce, gaming, lifestyle, logistics, food & beverage, marketing and event, technology, software, media, education, mobile, telecommunications, trade and even transport!

Many of us have been in jobs where we had the unfortunate experience with being a job with a company culture that doesn’t suit us or that we’re happy in. With Wobb, it’s a different job seeking process.

Through Wobb, job seekers can get in touch directly with companies that they are specifically interested in. It helps to narrow down what the job seeker is keen on in terms of looking for a job. They specialise in helping to link job seekers looking for a company with the right type of company culture that suits the job seeker.

Wobb was built to specifically help a job seeker make better decisions about who the best employers are in Malaysia. Wobb houses many progressive companies, that are purpose driven, innovation led, and have modern work cultures. Companies such as MyBurgerLab, Flexiroam, MilkADeal and MyTeksi are some of the companies who have started to use Wobb with more companies on their website.

So if you’re looking for a job and would like to try a different sort of approach in your job seeking process, perhaps you can give Wobb a try. You’ll never know till you try. Happy job hunting!

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