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[Beauty Review] La Mer: New Illuminating Eye Gel

La Mer has always been top honchos when it comes to skin care, especially when their infamous face cream became one of the best sellers!

And now, they’re taking eye care to the next level with this amazing new eye gel. We bring you La Mer’s new Illuminating Eye Gel. This little bottle promises to brighten the eye on contact and works to strengthen and protect the delicate skin around the eye area.

It contains the legendary healing energies of Miracle Broth which was first developed by Dr. Max Huber. He realised that to make the Miracle Broth a transformational source of renewal, it needed the power of light and sound energy. If it sounds a bit too scientific sounding, that’s because it is. Dr. Max Huber succeeded in creating the Miracle Broth and the new Illuminating Eye Gel continues this tradition with innovative ferments and light-bending sea pearls. This instantly lights up the eye area for more youthful radiant look.

The eye gel also has anti-irritants that help to calm and soothe the skin. Dullness is also replaced with a look of vitality and once used, you’ll find the skin around your eye area more luminous and clear, giving you a fresher look. With that as well as it helping to fight against the early signs of aging, eyes look youthful, energized and awakened. Who can argue with that?!

We were given one to try out and after using it for more than a month, we can say that our skin around the eye area does look brighter and the skin was well moisturised. As some of us don’t get enough sleep, dark circles are also a concern. This eye gel has helped with this as well because of its brightening properties. A definite bonus for us!

For better, more effective use of the Illuminating Eye Gel, it is best to combine it with these massage techniques.

If you’re looking for a new eye gel, get yourself one of these beauties. For us, it’s a keeper.

La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel retails for RM520 and is available on-counter February 2015.

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