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[Beauty Buzz] Shu Uemura Introduces New Lip Laque Supreme

Shu Uemura – a name synonymous with beautiful, high performance and great quality makeup. Inspired by premium Japanese lacquer ware, Shu Uemura introduces the all-new range of lip colours.

Under the guidance of the brand’s founder, Shu Uemura, the brand has pushed boundaries of innovation whilst at the same time fusing traditional Japanese esthetiques to makeup, creating elegant, timeless beauty.

The new range of lip colours take inspiration from Japan’s famed decorative urushi laquerware, with a unique formula designed to deliver incredible color and exquisite luster like only an artisan can deliver.

Japanese urushi laquerware is renowned for its exquisite quality and technique. Quality and believes that Shu Uemura himself believes in. The special techniques to create the laquerware has been honed over thousands of years—the use of colored laquer as a decorative element dates back as early as14.500BC – 300BC. The term urushi is said to take its roots from uruwashii, which means beautiful, and uruosu, which means “moist and luxurious.”

With the same mind set, this collaboration is set to be unbelievable. This special collaboration between shu uemura Atelier and Yamada Heiando, a famed lacquerware brand and provider to the Imperial Household of Japan, beautifully recreates the look of premium laquer for lips. Together, they’ve developed an intense color AKA RED (RD01), inspired by the legendary red shade of Japanese laquerware for a timeless beauty.

Shu Uemura has created a beautiful range of lip colours in 15 wonderful shades, including two very special reds created especially for this collection – the Lacque Supreme. The water-based formula combined with the new innovative applicator creates a thin coat on the lips that bring just enough colour with a light and fresh sensation.

The Lacque Supreme is priced at RM90 each and is available at all Shu Uemura outlets.

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