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How To Disguise Bad Hair Days

We women have a lot to contend with when it comes to beauty. If any one of you has ever had a bad hair day, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

There are days when your hair just won’t play ball. Tips for bad hair days can vary from hair stylist to a friend giving you tips. It can range from a variety of things – from covering your hair up entirely with a scarf (although, frankly, that isn’t all that realistic for many of us) to styling tips. Try as we might, sometimes, just sometimes, bad hair days are simply unavoidable.

While they may make you want to tear your hair out, rest assured there are tips to rescue those bad hair days. These tips could perhaps help you next time you wake up and have a bad hair day:

  • Messy bun – The messy bun is a fashionable favourite, and perfect for your bad hair day woes. The best part of the messy bun is that it doesn’t have to look perfect. Just right for those in a hurry!
  • Pin it up – Turn to your go-to hair accessories to help rescue a bad hair day. Your fringe just doesn’t want to cooperate and if you need a quick fix, hair pins are your best friend.
  • Curl it – A lot of hair stylists will tell you that when faced with a bad hair day, it’s best to avoid over-styling it. However, if your hair is limp and looking “off”, one of the best things to do is inject some life in it. Best way to do it to lightly curl the lower ends of your hair. Works on both long and short locks and it’s a great way to disguise unwanted frizzy hair.
  • Dry shampoo it – We’re not sure about you lot but dry shampoo is a god-send. There are different kinds in the market from powder to spray form. If your hair feels oily or dirty but you’ve no time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is the answer! Spray it at your roots or if you’re using powder, rub it into your scalp to absor the oil, comb it out and voila! You’ve fresher looking locks.
  • Braid it – It isn’t all that hard to do and for those with longer locks, this can be a lifesaver. Whether you opt for thick braids, tight braids or a loose and messy braid, they all help disguise a bad hair day. Plus, it’s quite a cute look. Just ensure you don’t go too schoolgirl with your look to save you looking like a wannabe Disney princess.

And speaking of Disney princesses, if Disney princesses had realistic hair, they’ll actually look like this, as so wonderfully portrayed by Loryn Brantz, a staff illustrator at Buzz Feed. Take a look, you’ll feel much better about your hair

If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair:

Ariel with actual wet hair.

Belle’s hair getting all up in her lip gloss.

Cinderella waking up with actual bed head.

Snow White having a frizzy hair day.

Mulan’s static problem.

Elsa needing to touch up her roots.

Jasmine with a more attainable hair volume.

And Pocahontas’ hair in an actual wind spiral.

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