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Top 5 Healthy Fresh Juice Deliveries In Klang Valley

Being healthy is the best thing ever. It’s perhaps not groundbreaking but it’s definitely the thing to be right now.

With the healthy food delivery services that have become available and with more popping up everywhere of late, this couldn’t be a better time to start getting on the health train!

Being healthy doesn’t just stop at your main meals. These days, there are various ways to improve one’s health and diet and one of the most popular ways right now is the rise of the freshly pressed juices to complement your diet. Have you ever heard of people asking if you’ve had your ‘5-a-day’ intake? It’s a national campaign that a few countries (the USA, United Kingdom and Germany) to encourage consumption of at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

The World Health Organisation has recommended “a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers” in their Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health to promote fruit and vegetable consumption around the world.

For some people, it can be a little tricky to have portions of 5 fresh fruits and vegetables a day, especially if you eat out often or if you’re not personally not a fan of fruits or veggies. However, it is not impossible.  Juices are a terrific way to get in those recommended portions of fruits and vegetables. All you have to do is drink the lot and you’re sorted! No need to prepare the vegetables or fruits – just drink.

Time is very precious for many and a lot of us simply don’t have the time to go grocery shopping. Thus, food deliveries is the answer, such as getting your grocery shopping done online or having your meals delivered to you.

Food deliveries have now gotten better because there are now juiceries that deliver freshly pressed juices to your home. So, getting healthy has never gotten more convenient!

Here are 5 Juiceries that deliver right to your home:

1. Smooshie Juice

These people have been around since 2010, so you can be assured that they know what they’re doing. Considered one of the pioneers in the raw juice industry, Smooshie juices can be found in 40 cafes and restaurants around the Klang Valley and they have even expanded in Penang as well. They mainly focus on selling their 100% pure juices at their outlets but they also provide home deliveries too. Delivery is free if you order 30 bottles or more. If your order if less than 30 bottles, a small fee may apply.

2. La Juiceria

Hand-crafted, cold-pressed juices that are raw and unpasteurised is king at La Juiceria. They’ve all kinds of juices available for you, depending on your needs and wants. For instance, you can take juices specifically made for detoxing or have something to help boost energy levels, or lose weight, clear up skin or improve digestion. For those who are rather adverse to being on a liquid diet, it isn’t too bad because besides being on the juices, La Juiceria also offer you organic, guilt-free snacks of roasted nuts, conveniently packaged in ziplock bags for you.

3. Strip Juice

Strip Juice is all about raw, organic and cold-pressed juices. But besides juices, they also have almond milk drinks which are not only good for you but delicious! It doesn’t stop there because Strip Juice also offers this little snack called the Bliss Balls. These snacks are high in protein, low in carbohydrate and it’s an ideal snack to carry you through in between meals or for those that need that extra boost before a workout. What’s more, these sancks are lactose free and gluten free! A lifesaver for those on restricted diets. All this lovely goodness can be delivered right to your doorstep (to areas in KL, PJ and Sunway) and best of all, delivery is free! The minimum order is 6 bottles, which is great for someone who just wants to try them out as there is no need to order a huge amount.

4. The Organic Juicery

These juices are 90-100% organic and they prioritise in giving you the best possible tasting juices they can deliver to you. Each bottle of The Organic Juicery’s juices are made from at least 4 different ingredients along with adding herbs to help with taste dimensions. Delivery is available to Ampang, Bangsar, Kota Damansara and Subang. Besides their mantra of giving you great tasting juices, they also believe in recycling. They encourage recycling of used bottles by offering customers up to RM1 for every bottle they return.

5. Unicorn Pressed Juice

This is the new kid in the juice world. Having just arrived in the later part of 2014, Unicorn Pressed Juice took its inspiration from the Cold Pressed juice culture in San Francisco, USA. Since opening, they’ve gotten quite a following because their juices are are pressed only after the juices have been ordered. This ensures the freshness and less chances of the juices oxidising. They use a variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts for their juices. At present, they deliver to areas in KLCC, Bangsar, Mont Kiara and Bukit Damansara.

Source: World Health Organisation

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