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Career Comeback Programme: The Answer For Women Returning To Work!

Did you take some time off work and want to get back on to the work wagon but having difficulty in doing so?

There’s good news for women who have taken career breaks because a new government grant was just launched to encourage companies to employ women who have taken career breaks. This is a part of a nationwide plan to increase female participation in the workplace in Malaysia.

The grant is an answer to may women who have taken some time off to deal with family issues to look after dependants or for other family commitments and returning back to work for these women hasn’t been an easy journey. It was announced by the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim that this initiative is part of the Career Comeback Programme, which was launched yesterday.

The programme has been set up to mainly provide opportunities for women to return to work. KPWKM together with TalentCorp launched a Career Comeback Grant to provide financial incentives for employers to implement programmes to recruit and retain women who have been on career breaks. This initiative will support employers in meeting their talent needs as well as increasing diversity and inclusion in their workplace to contribute to long-term business success.

For women returning to work, there are many challenges they face and this programme helps to optimize the local talent pool that’s available in Malaysian women. It will help enable and empower them to succeed in their careers and at the same time, deal with their personal obligations.

The grants – the Resourcing Grant and the Retention Grant – are structured for companies to attract and retain women who have been on career breaks for more than six months. Eligible companies may claim one or both grants.

According to research carried out by KPWKM and the UNDP2, two out of every three women surveyed gave up their jobs to look after their children and were between the ages of 25-39, a pivotal time in career development. Others left to look after family members, or find an easier work-life balance.

Whatever the reason it was for women who had to take a career break, KPWKM wants to encourage as many women as possible to return to the workforce. With this programme, it will ease the returning to work for these women and hopefully, they won’t find it too daunting a process.

So far, this programme has gotten some great feedback. Recently, KPWKM and TalentCorp also organized a Career Comeback Fair where they saw more than 30 employers taking part and attracted more than 500 women at the fair. Companies such as Accenture Malaysia, EcoWorld, Maybank Group, Shell Malaysia, Sunway Group and Taylor’s Education Group took part in the fair.

For employers who are keen to know more about the Career Comeback Grant, and for women who are interested to find out more about job opportunities and ways to submit their résumés, visit their website for more information.

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